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"Time is nature's way to keep everything from happening all at once"

Prof. John Wheeler - Princeton University

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One of man's fantasies is to be able to travel through time.

  • Maybe to visit a famous event such as a battle. --- Imagine gazing down over the fields of England and seeing the arrow that struck King Harold in 1066.
  • Or to see the Great Exhibition of 1851. --- Imagine walking down the central aisle of this amazing glasshouse and seeing firsthand the latest works of art and science from around the world.
  • Or to solve a mystery. --- Imagine watching the visit of President Kennedy to Dallas in November 1963 to see if anybody was on the grassy knoll.
  • Or to travel back to a time where the countryside is unspoilt by the hand of man. --- Imagine walking on a sunny summers day through a meadow full of wild flowers down to a bubbling clear water stream.
  • Or to travel to the future. --- Imagine witnessing events yet to happen. To see new discoveries and inventions. To see the future of mankind.

Unfortunately at present this form of Time Travel is not possible. But lately there has been great interest shown by reputable scientists like Prof. Kip Thorne, the late Prof. Carl Sagan, Prof. John Wheeler, Prof. Stephen Hawking and many others on whether Time Travel is feasible.

The very thought of its possibility throws up many implications of the effect it would have on the Universe. Time Travel today is restricted to the basic 'one way system'- remembering yesterday and awaiting tomorrow. The process cannot be reversed and can only be relatively speeded up with the aid of cryogenics - suspending an individuals time while waiting for normal time to pass.

On the pages at this site are my theories, thoughts and opinions on the subject of Time Travel. They are deliberately discussed more from a philosophical viewpoint than a scientific. I have minimised references to anything about the Physics required. This I prefer to leave to others far more qualified than myself. Mention therefore of such words as Hyperspace, The Space -Time Continuum, Black Holes, Worm Holes, Parallel Universes, Quarks, Quantum Theory, Tachyons, Superstring Theory, etc., will be mentioned only briefly if they are mentioned at all. If you want more on this type of information see the Links Page

If this is your first visit then I welcome you and suggest that you visit the Introduction Page which will tell you exactly how the site is set up and what you will find here. All graphics on this site are as small as possible to maximise speed of downloading the important textual information. The pages have been tested with Safari on Apple computers. If you experience problems with access or downloads please take the time to tell me - If I don't know it's broke I can't fix it.

Now it is Time to begin...

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