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  • Thrust SSC Web Site ----Supersonic record set at 763.035mph !!! The site has returned due to popular demand! As a member of the Mach1 Supporters Club I spent three unforgettable weeks in Black Rock Desert 1997 as part of the Black Rock Desert Patrol securing the desert for runs and fodding the tracks
  • Spirit of America ----The Other Mach 1 Land Speed Record Challenger. Follow Craig Breedlove's progress as he prepares to return to the Black Rock Desert to try to beat Andy Green's World Land Speed Record
  • Aussie Invader ----Land Speed Challenger Rosco McGlashan based in Australia is also aiming to beat the World Land Speed Record
  • Bluebird Electric ----The International Electric Land Speed Record Attempt by Don Wales grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell and nephew of Donald Campbell. We have already raised the British Record even further to 137.15mph in August 2000. Further attempts at increasing this record will be made shortly. I am a member of Bluebird Team Racing so check out this web site to see when we will be making our attempts on Pendine Sands in Wales
  • Bluebird Supporters Club ----The Official supporters club whose objective is to keep the Campbell and Bluebird heritage alive and to promote any future record attempts by descendants of Sir Malcolm Campbell. There is a wealth of information freely available on the web site and you can also join the club to receive an A5 colour quarterly newsletter and an opportunity to purchase merchandise at discounted rates. I am currently the club's secretary and if you require any further information please use the timetravel email at the foot of the page
  • White Lightning ----The current holders of the World Land Speed Record for Electric Vehicles at a impressive 245.524mph made at Bonneville Salt Flats in October 1999. Will they reach 300mph before Bluebird?
  • Gillette Mach 3 Challenger ----Gillette Mach 3 Challenger for the World Land Speed Record on 2 wheels. As a member of the Team I helped Richard "Rocketman" Brown to achieve the new British Record at 216.55mph on October 15th 1998 at Elvington, Yorkshire which was on the 1st anniversary of Andy Green's Supersonic Record in ThrustSSC! The Team went to Bonneville Salt Flats in September 1999 and set the fastest one way run of 330mph!! Check out this excellent diary site by Matt Cole another Team member
  • British Steam Car Challenge ----The British Steam Car Challenge to increase the 1906 record of 127.66mph which at the time was THE land speed record to 150mph and beyond. This Team includes members of the ThrustSSC Team
  • Primetime ----The current holders of the Outright British Land Speed Record for the flying quarter mile raised the record even further to 300.30mph which was achieved by Colin Fallows in Vampire on 5th July 2000 at Elvington, Yorkshire. Security, fodding etc was by members of the Speed Record Club volunteering their time - see below
  • Roadsters ----Many more links and info on Land Speed Record Racing

For those of you out there interested in speed there is a Speed Record Club based here in the UK which publishes an excellent quarterly magazine of over 40 full pages called Fast FACTS with details of all the major current attempts as well as informative articles on LSR history. There are several teams in the UK which need volunteers to help out at attempts and Speed Record Club members are called on to help. So if you want to be a part of Land Speed history join now! There is a web site set up with details for joining and many more links which can be reached at the following address... Speed Record Club .


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