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"A resource on the internet for all British women Octopush players (visitors also welcome!). Please send me anything to add to these pages, plus anything you think might be useful for the site. This may include training schedules, social items or tournament dates that womens teams may enter. All input welcome!"

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Hot News - Spectrum Angels win at the Ladies Tournament, Guildford.
- The first womens tournament at Pembroke is a great success!

Dates -  31st Oct 98, Brighton; 14th November, Nautilus, Crystal Palace.

Training - a page dedicated to the training needs of women Octopush players.

Social - what women Octopush players do apres-push! - page not yet started.

Rogues GalleryA "Meet the Players" page: send me your info or the dirt on someone else!
new! New players and character assasinations added - keep them coming! Updated 20th August

Photo Album - Pics of women Octopush players, in and out of the water!new!Pembroke Tournament.
                                                                                                                  new!Worlds 1998 now on show.

Links to other Octopush Sites

uk-flagGB Womens Team
- A spot for information relating to our national womens teams (Elite and Masters).


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