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Although this Links collection consists
of a high proportion of sites with a Masonic
leaning, in no way do we infer that the selection
is at all definitive, authoritative or correct.




UK Freemasonry
European Masonry
Canadian Masonry
American Masonry
Pacific Rim Masonry
Another Viewpoint

Biblical Research
The Church
The Paranormal
Odds and Ends



United Grand Lodge of England

New Masonic Samaritan Fund

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

The Royal Masonic School for Girls

Lifelites, helping children through I.T.

MQ, Masonic Quarterly Magazine

Canonbury Masonic Research Centre

Cornerstone Society

The Library and Museum of Freemasonry


Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Berkshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Bristol

Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cambridgeshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cheshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cumberland & Westmorland

Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset

Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent

Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Hampshire and Isle of Wight

Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Jersey

Provincial Grand Lodge of Leicestershire & Rutland

Metropolitan Grand Lodge &
Metropolitan Grand Chapter of London

Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex

Provincial Grand Lodge of Monmouthshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Norfolk

Provincial Grand Lodge of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of North Wales

Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Oxfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Somerset

Province of South Wales - Eastern Division

Province of South Wales - Western Division

Provincial Grand Lodge of Staffordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey

Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex

Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent

Provincial Grand Lodge of West Lancashire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire (West Riding)

Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire (North & East Riding)

Private Lodges

Abbey Lodge, Berkshire

Bulwer Lodge of Cairo No 1068, Buckinghamshire

Cambodunum Lodge No.3953, Huddersfield

Caversham Masonic Centre, Oxfordshire

Daneswood Lodge

Downshire Lodge

Eastcote Lodge, Middlesex

Forest of Arden Lodge

Grosvenor Lodge, London

Hazelgrove Lodge No 6542, Saltburn

Hertford Lodge No. 403, Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Regiment Lodge No.4537

Huddersfield Lodge

Internet Lodge, E. Lancs

Legion Lodge, Northumberland

Liverpool Wellington Group

Lodge of Charity No.4105, West Riding

Masefield Lodge No.2034, Worcestershire

Methuen Lodge No 8692, Wiltshire

Middlesex Home Service Lodge No.5836

Oaklands Lodge, Cheshire

Old Cliftonian Lodge

Old Epsomian Lodge No.3561

Old Owens' Lodge

Onward Lodge No.5540, North Fylde

Ormskirk Priory Lodge No.4007, Lancashire

Prince Michael of Kent Lodge

The Quatuor Coronati Lodge No.2076

Robert Mummery Lodge, Staffordshire

Saint John's Lodge, Berkshire

St Patrick's Lodge, Middlesex

St Paul's Lodge, Worcester

Stonegate Lodge, West Riding

Toxteth Lodge, Liverpool

The Lodge of Enterprise, South Wales

The Old School House Lodge No.9770, Buckinghamshire

Tudor Rose Lodge, West Lancs

Whittington Lodge, London

Wilbraham Lodge No. 1713, Liverpool

Wyre Lodge, West Lancashire


Grand Lodge of Scotland

Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward

Lodge Almondale

Lodge Lockhart St. John


Grand Lodge of Ireland

Other Orders

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of the Channel Islands

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of East Lancashire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Hertfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Sussex

The Mark Token Collectors Club

OSM, Province of West Lancashire

Other UK Masonic Links


Pietre-Stones Review of Free-Masonry

The Temples at Jerusalem

The Building of King Solomon's Temple at Jerusalem

Freemasonry Today (The Magazine)

The Internet Lodge Organist

Masonic Lodge Banners

Jewels of the Craft Study and Collectors Circle

Masonic Publishers

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European Masonry


Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium


Grande Loge De France

La Franc-Maçonnerie

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of France (GLMMMF)


German Freemasonry

English Version

The Lodge "Am Rauhen Stein", Hamburg

Lodge Zur unverbrüchlichen Einigkeit, Hamburg

Alt Heidelberg Lodge No 821

Acacia Lodge, München

The Lodge "Am Rauhen Stein" Links Page


Orde van Vrijmetselaren onder het Grootoosten der Nederlanden

The Trowel Lodge, Netherlands

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lodge, Netherlands


The Regular Grand Lodge of Italy

Pietre-Stones International


Norwegian Order of Freemasons


Grand Lodge of Portugal

Lodge Nova Avalon


Grande Oriente Espanol


Svenska Frimurare Orden, Sweden

English Version


Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland

Cosmopolitan Lodge No. 43, Zurich

RL Cosmos / Neuchâtel

Grand Orient de Suisse


Freemasonry in Israel

Holy Land Lodge No. 50

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Grand Lodges

Grand Lodge of Alberta

Northern Lights District, Alberta

Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon

Essays and papers

Freemasonry in Manitoba

Grand Lodge of New Brunswick

Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador

Grand Lodge Ontario

Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario

Private Lodges

Beacon #190, Red Deer, Alberta

Civil Service Lodge, Ontario

Muskoka-Parry Sound District, Ontario


The Lodge Room


The Ashlar

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American Masonry

USA Grand Lodges

The Grand Lodge of Alabama

The Grand Lodge of Alaska

The Grand Lodge of Arizona

The Grand Lodge of Arkansas

The Grand Lodge of California

The Grand Lodge of Colorado

The Grand Lodge of Connecticut

The Grand Lodge of District of Columbia

The Grand Lodge of Delaware

The Grand Lodge of Florida

The Grand Lodge of Georgia

The Grand Lodge of Idaho

The Grand Lodge of Illinois

The Grand Lodge of Indiana

The Grand Lodge of Iowa

 The Grand Lodge of Kansas

The Grand Lodge of Kentucky

The Grand Lodge of Louisiana

The Grand Lodge of Maine

The Grand Lodge of Maryland

The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

The Grand Lodge of Michigan

The Grand Lodge of Missouri

The Grand Lodge of Montana

The Grand Lodge of Nebraska

The Grand Lodge of Nevada

The Grand Lodge of New Jersey

The Grand Lodge of New Mexico

The Grand Lodge of New York

The Grand Lodge of North Carolina

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

The Grand Lodge of Oregon

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

The Grand Lodge of Rhode Island

The Grand Lodge of South Dakota

The Grand Lodge of Tennessee

The Grand Lodge of Texas

The Grand Lodge of Vermont

The Grand Lodge of Virginia

The Grand Lodge of Washington

The Grand Lodge of West Virginia

The Grand Lodge of Wisconsin

Assorted Links

Masonic Information

Is it true what They say about Freemasonry

Gary L. Dryfoos

The Philaletes Society

The Lodge Room (Magazine)

California Masonic Lodges Domain

One Californian's View of Freemasonry

The Grand College of Rites of the United States of America

The Global Fraternal Network
(password protected)

Mill Valley Lodge #356

General files about Freemasonry

Interesting collection of Lodge buildings in USA

Masonic mentor support

The Goat and Masonry

Livingstone Library, New York

Daylight Lodge, Seattle
(there is a nice win'95 cursor to download)

The Masonic Board Game

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Southern Hemisphere Masonry


The United Grand Lodge of New South Wales

United Grand Lodge of Queensland

Grand Lodge of Tasmania

The Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory

United Grand Lodge of Victoria

Pine Rivers Lodge No. 511, Queensland

South Australian Lodge of Research

Freemasonry in South Australia

FreeMasonry, Masonic Study, Victoria

Masonic Study Circle, Melbourne

Aust. & NZ Masonic Research Council

The Order of the Secret Monitor- Northern Australia

New Zealand

New Zealand Freemasonry

Pacific Rim

Hong Kong Masonic Hall (Zetland Hall)

 Grand Lodge of Japan

District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Bombay

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Another Masonic Viewpoint

The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons
a fraternity for women and organised by women

Freemasonry for Women

U.S.A. Youngsters

Prince Hall Masons

Masonic Music

Masonic Essays

Masonic Jokes

Masonic video

A Masonic Dictionary

Let there be light!

Hiram Abiff, King of Egypt

The Legend of Hiram Abiff (pdf)

The Lost Word of Freemasonry

Thomas Paine Masonic Origins

Captain Morgan and the Necromantic Origins of Freemasonry

Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

The Jehovah's Witnesses and The Mormons

Interesting Web Links List

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Esoteric Stuff

The Book of Enoch

About the Book of Enoch

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Reading Hieroglyphs - The First Steps

The Great Pyramid

Ancient Egyptian links with Australia 

Phoenicia, a bequest unearthed

The Mystery of the Hebrew Alphabet

Teach yourself the Hebrew Alphabet

Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies

Bringing Qabalah to the world via the internet

Kosher Kabbala

Hermetic Kabbalah

Texts from the Nag Hammadi Library

The Gospel of Thomas

Ecclesia Gnostica

Gnosis Magazine

The Alchemy Virtual Library

Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, Amsterdam

Sepher Yetzirah
(Translated from the Hebrew by Wm. Wynn Westcott)

The Holy Grail - myths and legends

Knights Templar info

The Primitive Rule of the Templars

The Legend of the Cathars

Rosslyn Chapel

The Knights Templar of England and Wales

The Daily Grail

Priory-of-Sion discussion List

Who was Prester John

The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

The John Dee Society

The Ripley Scroll

The Voynich Manuscript



The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn


The Dionysian Artificers

The Knights of Pythias

The Grail Temple

Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas

Turning the Hiram Key by Robert Lomas

'The Sign and The Seal' by Graham Hancock

A Curious Compendium of Esoteric Literature

Jeffery Marshall, Papers available for download

Luxor Press, Inc.

Kessinger Books

Internet Infidels Books

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

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Biblical Research

Biblical Timeline

A World History Chart

A World Timeline to 1717

The Bible and Interpretation

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Coptic Gospel of Thomas in Context

The Gospel of Thomas FAQ

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors

Jerusalem Christian Review

The Birth of Jesus

The Jefferson Bible

A Christian reflection on the 'New Age'

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Bible Prophesy News

Millennium Prophets

The Final Freedoms


The Final Equinox-2000

Biblical Prophesy

Prophesy, Eschatology & Discoveries

Maitreya, purports to be the second Messiah




The Fatima Network

Etemenanki Prophesy

Prophesy Truths

Bible Prophesy

Bible Prophesy

Christian Bible Prophecy


Histories and Prophets

Visions of the Apocalypse

Blessed Godsend

Did Jesus and Isaiah prophesy the coming of Muhammad

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The Established Church

The Roman Catholic Church

The Orthodox Catholic Church

The Coptic Church

The Church of England

The Roman Catholic Church in England

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Jehovas Witnesses




Catholic Online

The Catholic Crusade

The Knights of St Columbus

Catenian Association

Woking Circle of the Catenian Association

Catenian Association

New Advent

The Papacy and Infallibility

Empire and Papacy

Muslim Matrimonials

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The Paranormal

Cheshire Paranormal Society

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal

EA Supernatural


Fortean Times

Foundation for Paranormal Research

Ghost Haunted

Ghost Study, California

Ghost Watch UK

Haunted Britain and Ireland

Haunted Chester

Haunted Isles Preternatural Investigation Team

Holistic Therepy & Metephysical Store

The Institute of Paranormal Research

International Ghost Hunters Society

International Society for Paranormal Research

Nexus Magazine on the Unexplained

Orbs by Beans

Paranormal & Occult Investigator

Paranormal News

The Paranormal News

Paranormal Research Organisation (UK)

Paranormal Search Engine

Paranormal Science

The Shadowers

Toronto Ghosts

UK Paranormal

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Masonic Clip Art

Masonic Clip Art

Daylight Lodge Masonic Clipart

Hiram's Oasis Masonic Clipart

Mastermason Masonic Clipart

J.J. Crowder's Masonic Clipart

The Masonic Service Association of North America Clipart

Washington Web Masonic Clipart Masonic Clipart

Tazmack's Blue Lodge Clipart

Shively Lodge #951 Clipart

Masonic Graphics Links

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Odds and Ends

Fight Spam on the Internet!

An interesting Research List

The Digital Universe Network

Joe Firmage

Tom's PC Hardware Guide

PC Software Device Driver Links

Enneagram Research

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

Arcane Links

A Midi Collection

A handy Search Engine


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