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Case Histories

Here are brief details of the kind of work we've been doing during the past year:

1. A Busy Optometrist's Practice in the City of London.

Scenario: A network of 3 new PCs running Windows XP. One PC suffering frequent pop-up adverts and run-time errors. Only 1 PC has email, via BTConnect ADSL broadband. One of the 3 PCs not currently on the network.

Action: Restore one PC's network connection. Set up two additional email accounts with BTConnect. Configure Outlook 2003 on two PCs to use the new email addresses that I'd set up. Scan all PCs for virus and spyware infection. Remove all cases of infection that were found (Around 200 spyware items and 1 virus infection). Install and configure a variety of anti-spyware and security software on all PCs to keep them free of infestation. Carry out a software/security audit and general optimisation of all PCs to ensure they are running as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

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2. A student at home, Bedfordshire.

Scenario: This student was unable to send email with her dial-up Internet connection, but was able to collect email and to browse the web. Her PC  was running Windows ME which was working, but had become very sluggish recently. She just had a phone call from her Telco to say that her PC had been dialling an overseas number and staying online for long periods, running up a bill of several hundred pounds.

Action: Spyware/Dial-up networking hijacker suspected. Took PC offline, ran checks for virus infection and spyware infection, which found over 700 rogue spyware items! Removed all offending items, scanned PC to ensure it was clean. Installed a software firewall and several applications to guard against future infestation. General optimisation carried out to ensure fast, safe running in future.

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3. An Advertising Company in London's West End.

Scenario: Network (Novell) of 30 PCs running Windows 98/ME, 2 of the PCs running very slowly and keep crashing due to resource overusage.

Action: Recommended two new PCs running Windows XP so that the needs of these two users were met. Migrated all email, other data and settings from the old PCs to the new ones. Configured the new PCs to run properly with Exchange Server, and other specific hardware/software requirements.

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4. A Primary School in East London.

Scenario: They need a web server on their new network to enable them to access a new application via Internet Explorer. There are two discrete networks, admin and curriculum, each with its own server.

Action: Set up IIS on both servers (one running NT4 Server, the other Windows Server 2003). Configured both IIS servers, installed the new application on both servers; one can be used for staff training, the other can be used as the "real" installation. Configured the browser proxy settings to enable them to reach the web servers. While at the school, helped the headteacher remove a virus from his PC and administered 2 users on the admin server whose logins had expired.

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5. The Home of a Successful G.P. in West London.

Scenario: There are 4 PCs (2 desktop and 2 laptop) and all require Internet access. Currently only one has dial-up access via a modem. The main PC is to be retired and a new PC has been bought to replace it. All data (including emails) to be migrated across.

Action: Recommended ADSL broadband plus a full wireless network with Router, Firewall, Switch, Modem, Access Point, plus wireless network cards for all 4 PCs. Installed and secured the wireless network. Migrated all data (including emails) over to new PC. Set up file & printer sharing on network and enabled required shares. Checked all PCs for spyware and viruses and set them up with preventative software to suit.

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