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Having spent much time in schools installing and setting up web servers, SIP and other software, as well as exchanging many ideas with head-teachers, deputy heads and other staff members, there is an obvious void when it comes to quality technical support at a high level.

This requirement, together with the recommendations concerning the BECTA Technical Competencies Framework for ICT and the FITS Best Practice guidelines mean that schools will be searching for competent technical experts with all the skills required of someone at Technican D level of the above Framework.

On-site ICT Technicians of levels A through C will, on many occasions, need to seek expert help and high-level advice from someone they can trust. We can offer such a service for very reasonable rates.

We will also carry out specific "housekeeping" tasks on network PCs and servers as required. For example, we will come into your school and "spring clean" your PCs and give them a maintenance check for a very reasonable price. Such a service for 20 PCs and interim telephone/email level D support can cost as little as 500 per year.

Contact us by email or telephone and discuss your specific requirements now. You know it makes sense.


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