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1. About Flights International

Flights International is an ABTA bonded flight agency, retailing worldwide flight bargains across the world. Fully computerised, we can access thousands of discount flights from most UK airports. Flights International run a highly successful Free Flight Club for regular travellers, where not only are the cheapest fares available secured, but members can fly free!!. Equally, at home securing cheap fares to your holiday destinations, Flights International also offer great offers to USA, Far East and Australia.

Complimenting this, a robust Business Travel section offers companies the chance to save substantial money on their travel budget. Alongside all the regular published fares, we offer hundreds of consolidation fares, and big discounts on business class travel. All the peripheral travel needs are covered, from Hotels, Car Hire and Travel Insurance. Coupled with an outstanding level of service, Flights International is the complete travel centre.

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2. Business Travel

Flights International have a major advantage over the vast majority of business travel agents - because not only do we offer a discount on published fares, we also compliment that with a comprehensive knowledge and application of consolidation flights. We recently arranged flights throughout the USA for a major pharmaceutical company. For a party of 8 people, we undercut the price quoted by their usual agents by a staggering £1200, without compromising the airline required!!!
We enjoy corporate rates on Worldwide hotels, and offer excellent rates on car hire. All this is not at the expense of service - we pride ourselves on the professionalism of our service and courtesy.
3. Free Flight Club

Membership is free. Each flight booked earns FREE FLIGHT VOUCHERS. These can be collected and redeemed against a free flight to their usual destination, or redeemed against numerous gifts - from hairdryers to colour televisions! Not only are members of the club securing the most competitive rates on the market, but they win great gifts too. There are regular newsletters, with competitions and special offers EXCLUSIVE to members.

To join the club contact: Free Flight Club, Flights International, 1st Floor, 66-72 High Street, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7EA, or email flights_int@cix.compulink.co.uk
4. Hotels, Car Hire & Travel Insurance

We are not just a flight-only company. We can secure excellent rates on all the peripheral travel services.
Hotels - throughout the world, we can customise your requirements incorporating accomodation from 2 to 5 star standard, covering the vast majority of the cities and resorts of the world.
Car Hire - Our leisure rates start from just £69 per week all inclusive. Our business rates undercut those of the major rental companies in most destinations.
Insurance - Many people have wised up to the high street rip-off when it comes to travel insurance. Our rates, full excellent cover, start at £14.50 for up to 5 days in Europe. Worldwide cover starts at £25 for the same period.

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Flights International
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