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(This site isn't even under construction yet...)


Programs I've written and other files for download can be found here.


Please see my holiday snaps.  There's a prize for collecting the whole set.


Comments, suggestions, criticism, praise, complaints, rave reviews, awards for literature, honours, titles, etc. always welcome.  I'll spell out my email address for safety:

andrew at gidds dot me dot uk

If you can work out how to email me from that, you're very welcome to!

(I ought to mention that I'm not the Andrew Giddings who plays keyboards in Jethro Tull.  Honest.)


No, not a lame collection of my favourite sites, just a few I'm connected with:

I'm an active member of the CIX conferencing system, a sort of BBS with a great community.  You should all join up.  Immediately.

I've been known to write technical articles for Palmtop Magazine.

I'm a member of (and musician at) Shoebury Baptist Church.

I sing with an early music group called Concert in the Egg (old site) and sometimes with Gaudeamus.

Last updated: 2018-06.

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