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Fat Biker on TT600, Dibeni 1,Pembrey [CSS Level 2]

Welcome to the infobahn outpost of a warped psyche! In this festering digital- detritus strewn alleyway at the low-rent end of cyberspace, lies this manhole cover leading into my personal homepage. My name is Ken Haylock, and in the unlikely event that you give an airborne act of copulation, you can find out stuff about me here.

I am, of course, an evangelically enthusiastic biker, currently riding a K1200GT SE, a Triumph TT600 and a Honda XL250 Degree. I'm also a member of Team Waste, a loose collection (not just metaphysically) of dipsomaniac bikers of generally excessive girth who hang around on the CiX… err… Nextra... err... GX... err... Pipex... err  Vialtus... err... Parkglobe... Conferencing system, blathering to each other on sunny days which would probably be much better spent riding.

If you want to know what I do to generate my toy budget, see here.

If you want to read about life's rich tapestry as it unfolds for me each day (uh.. yeah, right…), then please read my livejournal.

If you want to peer suspiciously at me from afar, take a squint at my office webcam (which is currently offline but will return)!

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