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Miscellaneous Codes
Controller 1 Joker (Xplorer) 700695BE ????
Controller 1 Joker (Action Replay) D00695BE ????
Controller 2 Joker (Xplorer) 700695E0 ????
Controller 2 Joker (Action Replay) D00695E0 ????
Time In Menu Stops 8009D130 0000
Save Anywhere 8009D172 0000
Current Gil 8009D12C FFFF
8009D12E 00FF
Current Gold Points 8009D29E 2710
8009D2A0 0000
Current Battle Points 8009D2A4 FFFF
8009D2A6 0000
Exp. After Battle 8009D6A4 FFFF
8009D6A6 00FF
AP After Battle 8009D6A8 C350
8009D6AA 0000
Character Position 1
Lucky 7777s 8009D728 1E61
8009D72A 1E61
Attack with Elemental Types 8009D754 ????
Half Damage From Elements 8009D756 ????
No Damage From Elements 8009D758 ????
Absorb Elemental Damage 8009D75A ????
Attack With Effect 8009D75C 0660
8009D75E 7EDF
Defend From Effect 8009D762 06E0
8009D764 7EFF
Character Position 2
Lucky 7777s 8009DB68 1E61
8009DB6A 1E61
Attack with Elemental Types 8009DB94 ????
Half Damage From Elements 8009DB96 ????
No Damage From Elements 8009DB98 ????
Absorb Elemental Damage 8009DB9A ????
Attack With Effect 8009DB9C 0660
8009DB9E 7EDF
Defend From Effect 8009DBA2 06E0
8009DBA4 7EFF
Character Position 3
Lucky 7777s 8009DFA8 1E61
8009DFAA 1E61
Attack with Elemental Types 8009DFD4 ????
Half Damage From Elements 8009DFD6 ????
No Damage From Elements 8009DFD8 ????
Absorb Elemental Damage 8009DFDA ????
Attack With Effect 8009DFDC 0660
Defend From Effect 8009DFE2 06E0
8009DFE4 7EFF