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Red XIII Codes
Character Level 8009C814 63 01
Max Strength / Vitality 8009C816 FF FF
Max Magic / Sprit 8009C818 FF FF
Max Dexterity / Luck 8009C81A FF FF
When Starting a Battle Limit Bar is Full / Limit Level 8009C822 FF 04
Name Letters 2 and 1 8009C824 ?? ??
Name Letters 4 and 3 8009C826 ?? ??
Name Letters 6 and 5 8009C828 ?? ??
Name Letters 8 and 7 8009C82A ?? ??
Name Letters 10 and 9 8009C82C ?? ??
Equipped Armour / Weapon 8009C830 ?? ??
Character Effects / Equipped Accessory 8009C832 00 ??
All Limit Breaks 8009C834 0FFF
Infinite HP 8009C840 270F
Max HP 8009C842 270F
Infinite MP 8009C844 03E7
Max MP 8009C846 03E7
Red XIIIs' Weapon Materia Modifier Codes
1st Position 8009C854 FF ??
1st Position Master 8009C856 FFFF
2nd Position 8009C858 FF ??
2nd Position Master 8009C85A FFFF
3rd Position 8009C85C FF ??
3rd Position Master 8009C85E FFFF
4th Position 8009C860 FF ??
4th Position Master 8009C862 FFFF
5th Position 8009C864 FF ??
5th Position Master 8009C866 FFFF
6th Position 8009C868 FF ??
6th Position Master 8009C86A FFFF
7th Position 8009C86C FF ??
7th Position Master 8009C86E FFFF
8th Position 8009C870 FF ??
8th Position Master 8009C872 FFFF
Red XIIIs' Armour Materia Modifier Codes
1st Position 8009C874 FF ??
1st Position Master 8009C876 FFFF
2nd Position 8009C878 FF ??
2nd Position Master 8009C87A FFFF
3rd Position 8009C87C FF ??
3rd Position Master 8009C87E FFFF
4th Position 8009C880 FF ??
4th Position Master 8009C882 FFFF
5th Position 8009C884 FF ??
5th Position Master 8009C886 FFFF
6th Position 8009C888 FF ??
6th Position Master 8009C88A FFFF
7th Position 8009C88C FF ??
7th Position Master 8009C88E FFFF
8th Position 8009C890 FF ??
8th Position Master 8009C892 FFFF