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Welcome to Mark Mumford's Underwater Photography Course.

Please note that this course is still (5 Aug 1998) under construction. While I have completed all of the lesson content, many of the additional resources (exercises, quizzes, etc) are still being worked on. Please bear with me, and return to the relevant sections from time to time. I will work on them in lesson sequence, and aim to have them all complete by the end of September 1998.

My own home page Find out a bit about me, and see some of my photos.
What's New Changes that have been made recently
Course Introduction Why this course has been prepared for you
Course Overview Some administrative necessities
Lesson 01 Review of Photography Basics
Lesson 02 The Underwater Environment
Lesson 03 Cameras and Housings
Lesson 04 Camera Features
Lesson 05 Selecting and using lenses
Lesson 06 Underwater strobes
Lesson 07 Care and feeding
Lesson 08 Accessories
Lesson 09 Diving and photographing
Lesson 10 Lighting
Lesson 11 Composition
Lesson 12 Getting it together
Lesson 13 Creative effects
Lesson 14 Preparing the slides
Lesson 15 Looking after your slides
Lesson 16 Duplicating and Copying
Lesson 17 Printing
Lesson 18 Slide shows
Lesson 19 Computer imaging
Lesson 20 Selling

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