2002 - Where was the focus? - part I

Arriving at what is becoming my usual time, I hoped that as the stars were still to be clearly seen in the night sky the weather would hold . Alas, it wasn't to be and low clouds delivered an almost constant drizzle for the better part of the morning and rest of the day.

Whether it was the drizzle dampening the atmosphere or not, I felt that this year something was missing from previous years celebrations. True, more people than ever where here and the police and authoritites seemed to be even more low-key in their presence than before, and yet I found myself watching many people just aimlessly wandering around - you could say that some were more wondering around as being able to touch and feel the stones themselves can still fill you with the wonder of their mystery - and once again people were trying to climb the Stones? Why? Where is the respect for them?

Then it struck me.

Could the problem be that there is no focus to the whole event? Yes, there are little pockets of people who come together as groups to do their own thing, but the feeling I got from many here today, especially those trying to see just what was going on in the central circle, was one of 'now we're here, what are we supposed to do, or watch, or experience?'

Again it has been shown that a peaceful gathering of many hundreds of people is possible at Summer Solstice, so some time in the near future maybe a slightly more organised 'happening' could take place. Who knows!

Regards, Neil
June, 2002

Please note:
The times are still an hour behind British Summer Time as I still haven't adjusted my video clock.

Text and images, except drawing of Stonehenge, are © Neil Leacy.

Stonehenge illustration by Heywood Summer F.S.A. taken from the book 'Stonehenge, Today and Yesterday' by Frank Steven, published 1924.