OMM 2015 Results

See also OMM website. Results last updated on this web site at 13:15 Thursday 29th October (corrected team 201 time; team 1144 is Family). There may be a delay before the OMM website is updated.

Class Saturday Results Saturday Splits Sunday Results Sunday Splits Combined Results Vet Handicap
Elite Elite Day 1 Elite Splits Day 1 Elite Day 2 Elite Splits Day 2 Elite Combined Elite Vet Handicap
Class A Class A Day 1 Class A Splits Day 1 Class A Day 2 Class A Splits Day 2 Class A Combined Class A Vet Handicap
Class B Class B Day 1 Class B Splits Day 1 Class B Day 2 Class B Splits Day 2 Class B Combined Class B Vet Handicap
Class C Class C Day 1 Class C Splits Day 1 Class C Day 2 Class C Splits Day 2 Class C Combined Class C Vet Handicap
Class D Class D Day 1 Class D Splits Day 1 Class D Day 2 Class D Splits Day 2 Class D Combined Class D Vet Handicap
Long Score Long Score Day 1 Long Score Splits Day 1 Long Score Day 2 Long Score Splits Day 2 Long Score Combined Long Score Vet Handicap
Medium Score Medium Score Day 1 Medium Score Splits Day 1 Medium Score Day 2 Medium Score Splits Day 2 Medium Score Combined Medium Score Vet Handicap
Short Score Short Score Day 1 Short Score Splits Day 1 Short Score Day 2 Short Score Splits Day 2 Short Score Combined Short Score Vet Handicap