Results for EMOA Urban League, Retford, 29/09/2019

13:10 Sunday results uploaded. By 15:40 results refreshed, uploaded to BO and EMUL, and links added to splitsbrowser, winsplits and EM Urban League.


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EM Urban League 2019.

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Class Results
Men Open (MO)
M40+ (MV)
M55+ (MSV)
M65+ (MUV)
M75+ (MHV)
M16- (MJ)
M120 (MYJ)
Women Open (WO)
W40+ (WV)
W55+ (WSV)
W65+ (WUV)
W75+ (WHV)
W16- (WJ)
W12- (WYJ)

Course splits
Course 1 MO
Course 2 MV40 WO
Course 3 MSV55 WV40
Course 4 MUV65 WSV55
Course 5 MHV75 WUV65 WHV75
Course 6 MJ16 WJ16
Course 7 MYJ12 WYJ12

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