Results for UKOL Midland Champs and RHT, Sherwood Forest, 30/01/2022

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Results uploaded at 4pm Sunday. RHT, Midland Championships results, Routegadge and Winsplits links added at 7pm.

Robin Hood Trophy Won by SYO.
Midland Championships Winner marked by asterisk in Class results. See also
midlands.pdf for leading three in each class.


UK Orienteering League
Championship times
Class results
Course splits
Winsplits on-line: by Class.
Winsplits on-line: by Course.
Fastest splits by course or by class

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Class Results
M10A M10B W10A W10B
M12A M12B W12A W12B
M14A M14B W14A W14B
M16A M16B W16A W16B
M18E M18L M18S W18E W18L W18S
M20E M20L M20S W20E W20L W20S
M21E M21L M21S W21E W21L W21S
M35L M35S W35L W35S
M40L M40S W40L W40S
M45L M45S W45L W45S
M50L M50S W50L W50S
M55L M55S W55L W55S
M60L M60S W60L W60S
M65L M65S W65L W65S
M70L M70S W70L W70S
M75L M75S W75
M80 W80
M85 W85
M90 W90
Short Blue
Short Green
Very Short Green
Light Green
Men Inter-Service
Women Inter-Service
Course 4
Course 8

Course splits
Course 1 M21E
Course 2 W21E M20E M18E M35L M40L M21L AMO
Course 3 W20E W18E W35L W40L M35S M40S
Course 4 Crse4
Course 5 M45L M50L
Course 6 M55L M18L M20L W21L M21S AWO
Course 7 M60L M16A
Course 8 Crse8
Course 9 M65L M45S W45L W50L
Course 10 M70L M50S M55S M20S M18S W55L W21S W20L W18L W16A Blue
Course 11 M75L M60S W60L W35S ShBlu
Course 12 M65S W65L W70L W40S W45S W50S Green
Course 13 M80 M70S W75 W20S W18S W55S W60S ShGrn
Course 14 M85 M90 M75S W80 W65S W70S VShGn
Course 15 W85 W90
Course 16 M14A M16B
Course 17 W14A W16B LtGrn
Course 18 M12A M14B W12A W14B Ornge
Course 19 M10A M12B W10A W12B Yellw
Course 20 M10B W10B White

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