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Biographical Information

Sinclair Radionics Ltd
Research technition, 1976 - 1977

Production improvements for pocket calculators and working on reaserch projects.

Toltec Computers Ltd
1977 - 1984

OEM mini computer solutions. Using FORTRAN and BCPL. Tripos which was developed at the Cambridge University Computer Lab. was also used by our mini computers and much later in the Commodore AMIGA computer.

Sinclair Reaserch Ltd.
1980 - 1984

Getting the bugs out of ZX80, ZX81, ZXspectrum and QL computers

Cambridge Computer Ltd
Project assistant for Z88 portable computer, 1987-90

Putting together a group of undergratuates to get bugs out of the software, helping to write the user manual, Developers manual, BASIC manual. Setting up a CIX topic area.

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Personal Interests

The capture of a moment in time.
Seeing and hearing the past, even if it was only yesterday.
I'm learning how to draw with charcoal, pastels and watercolour. Also learning how other painters perceived and painted their world.
Enjoying the process of hand throwing, glazing and firing stoneware pots.
Enjoyment of classical and pop music.
Human Computer Interface
Like clay, computers allow for great flexibility of products in our lives. Equaly they can add confusion. I am interested in making the design as easy to interface with as possible.

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