Who am I?

"You're a bloody legend!" – Warren Mitchell
"You're a c**t" – Richard Littlejohn
"You are banned" – Steven Berkoff
(all genuine quotations)

These are some of the people I've been since adolescence – click on image to view it at full size...

As you can see, at various times I've been John Candy, Santa Claus, Wayne Hussey of The Mission, Beach Boy Brian Wilson in his "sandbox" period, theatre directors Peter Hall, Ian Rickson and Polly Teale, and – briefly – Art Garfunkel.

(Yes, you may have noticed one of them isn't actually me, but I used the picture on a photo-I.D. card and nobody ever queried it, so I reckon it deserves a place here...)

Frankly horrifying, isn't it?

Right, first things first.  The unique selling point of this site is
my archive of over 3600 theatre reviews 1989-2019
– every review I wrote in my professional career and could track down. 
So, if that's where you want to go, off you go.

If you like, you can search here:

The other unique selling point is that this site hosts
the full script of The Warp by Neil Oram, the earth-shattering longest play in the world!

As for the rest of it...

Full name: Terence Ian Shuttleworth
Date of birth: 6th July, 1963
Place of birth: Belfast
Current residence: Berlin and Sankt Goarshausen
E-mail: by clicking here
Marital status: Divorced
Education: Queens’ College, Cambridge1983–1990
(doctoral research student 1987–1990)
Royal Belfast Academical Institution 1975–1982
Current regular work: Now retired
Past contributions:
Newspapers: The Sunday Times
London Evening Standard
Independent (also Award/Listings Administrator and judge, Edinburgh Fringe coverage and Independent Theatre Award, 1990–95)
Daily Mail
The Stage
Magazines: Private Eye
Stagebill (New York) magazine
Plays & Players (incl. writing and editing Fringe section of 1993 Yearbook)
Screen International
What’s On In London
City Life (Manchester)
Don’t Tell It
Irish Theatre
Broadcast: BBC Radio 3Nightwaves
BBC Radio 4Kaleidoscope
Past regular jobs:
1991–2002: Editor, Noises Off, daily magazine of National Student Drama Festival
1991–1993: Editor, Theatre and Books sections, City Limits magazine
1993–1994: edited a series of books for Campden Publishing
Financial Times, as theatre, comedy and sometime live music critic, (joint) senior theatre critic 2007–2019,
reviewing in London, nationally and internationally

2000–2002: UK Theatre reviewer for www.divento.com (European arts review/listings Web site run by Vivendi Universal),
from its inception to its demise

2004–2005: Theatre and comedy reviewer for Teletext until the section was abolished
2004–2016: Editor/publisher of Theatre Record magazine
The Lady (no, really) as theatre critic

Publications, performance, media:
Books: The Föhn Directory¸ pamphlet of verse, 1987
(“the only real poet” of my generation – Geoffrey Hill)
Ken & Em (unauthorised Branagh/Thompson biography), Headline Books, 1994
Major contributor to Reading The Vampire Slayer: An Unofficial Critical Companion To Buffy & Angel, surprise best-seller, Tauris Parke, 2001 (revised and updated second edn. 2004)
Theatrical: Some 30 student productions 1984–1990, as actor, director and/or producer
Wrote/performed/designed/produced/marketed solo stand-up show
Critical Mass ("Comic Genius" –The Independent) on Edinburgh Fringe 1997 (subject of scurrilous Channel Four TV programme in the Critical Condition series, 1998), and double-act Critical Mass II: Return Of The Hack in 1998
Acting/production work on the 24-hour play The Warp by Neil Oram,
presented by Ken Campbell, in several of its 1997-2000 manifestations
Screen appearances include White Knuckle Ride (short, 1993)
and El Efecto Mariposa (The Butterfly Effect) (Fernando Colomo, 1996)
Music: Founded and continue to run music label Cemental Health Records,
issuing some 40 cassette/CD titles since 1982 from roster of
more than two dozen artists.
Production, engineering, programming, mixing, instrumental, vocal,
press and marketing work.
Once knocked U2 off the number one spot!
No relation to: Ian Shuttleworth
Ian Shuttleworth
Ian Shuttleworth

Screen shot of your humble host in El Efecto Mariposa

And that's about the shape of it.
An alternative way of looking at the shape of it is to go to this site map.
On the left is an alternative way of looking at the shape of me,
as appearing on the Edinburgh Fringe 2006 on Lunch With The Hamiltons
(yes, that's Christine Hamilton wiping her eyes with mirth
at the sight of a semi-mummified Shutters next to a thoroughly draped Lucy Porter).

To add information to any of these sites, send queries
or sneer at the woefully inadequate design of this page,

e-mail me by clicking here.

And I guess that wraps things up for the time being.

Watch these spaces for further fun, frolics and the occasional bit of genuine information.

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