Software Issues.

Q. What does the Button New in a circle on the Combat Page do ?

A. You click the button to PCGenView that a new round has started. This is used by Barbarian Rage, and similar to work out effect wear off.

Q. What does the Button with Half Moon with z's on the Stats Page do ?

A. Use that button do indicate a Day has passed, it will then allow Spell caster to relearn spells, and reset the other character abilities that are day based.

Q. What does the Button with 2 Arrows on the Stats page do ?

A That will be used to load a new character..

Q. What does the Button on the top of the Combat page do ?

A That will be used in the future to Beam the current characters basic data to the DMView software.

Q. How do I learn spells ?

A. On the Spell Page click the 'Learn' button, this will switch the spell page in Learning Mode, it will then give you a list of all the spells you known for the select level, you then highlight the spell you wish to learn, and press the '+' button, if you have do it wrong you can use the '-' button to forget the spell. At the bottom of the display there are two sets of numbers '0 / x' and '0 / y' these represent the number of spell you have selected out of how many you can select at that level. the 'x' represent the normal spells, and the 'y' is the Domain spells. In the spell list you can tell which spells are Domain spells as the have a '*' before there name.

Installation Problems.

Q: Character does not sync to the Palm Causes:

A. If other Palm apps sync properly:

  1. Check for proper CASL conduit install in the HotSync Manager --> Custom. If CASL is not listed, the conduit is not installed
  2. PCGenToPalm.ini OUTPUT statement formatted wrong or is not OUTPUT=c:\Palm\devicename\CASL
  3. Version mismatch between PCGenToPalm.exe and csheet_palmte.cdt. Check the file creation dates, they should match.
  4. CASL Conduit not set to "Synchronize The Files" by default in Hotsync Manager.
  5. PCGenToPalm.exe not in the PCGen \characters folder.
  6. PCGenToPalm.exe not run before sync attempt.
  7. Character not exported from PCGen to csheet_palmte.cdt before running PCGenToPalm.exe.
  8. Conduit and / or PCGenView or data may be corrupt; uninstall completely, trash the executable files as well as the *.bak and character files in \Palm\devicename\CASL, download and reinstall.

B. If other Palm apps do not sync: Check the PDA user documentation for conditions that prevent synchronization. Symptom: Only the name loads into PCGenView; the character sheet is blank and the stats are all zeroes Cause: Version mismatch between PCGenToPalm.exe and csheet_palmte.cdt. Check the file dates, they should match Symptom: PDA hangs after using PCGenView, soft reset needed to unhang PDA. Causes:

  1. Check for an update on www.pcgenview.com -- if an update has been issued, uninstall the old version and and install the new one
  2. Disable or uninstall all OS extensions ("hacks") and soft reset
  3. Update to latest versions of Palm OS and Palm Desktop software
  4. Uninstall conduit and PCGenView, sync PDA (hand-held overwrites desktop), hard reset PDA, set all other conduits and System to Do Nothing in HotSync Manager, completely reinstall PCGenToPalm conduit and sync a character. If this works, resync Palm with System re-enabled to Handhelp Overwrites Desktop. If this works, add Palm apps and their data one app at a time and check the PDA to see if it hangs again. If this works, re-enable the other conduits one at a time and check the PDA to see if the problem returns.
  5. PCGenView IS Beta software, document the error message and send it to Tim...then see #1;)

Thanks go to Rich Ostorero for his help in preparing this.