Feature Requests

PCGenview FREQ

Number  Feature Who When Version
PCREQ0001 Two or more Weapon combinations, with the correct values for tohit and Damage. DAF 27/9/2001  
PCREQ0002 Psionic me 27/9/2001  
PCREQ0003 Beam Combat data to DMView me 27/9/2001  
PCREQ0004 Beam Equipment to DMView/PCGenView me 8/1/2002  
PCREQ0005 Change Skill, Weapons, Spells using Tables. me 1/1/2002  
PCREQ0006 Import character changes back to PCGen. Rich Ostorero 8/10/2001  
PCREQ0007 Character switching. Brass 9/10/2001  
PCREQ0008 Speed and Vision should be labeled. It took me a few minutes to realize that "Normal" meant vision. Brass 9/10/2001 V0.5.7
PCREQ0009 Metamagic William 9/10/2001  
PCREQ0010 Spontaneous casting. me 9/10/2001 V0.5.7
PCREQ0011 New Pick list for Weapons selection on combat screen. me 7/1/2002 V0.5.6
PCREQ0012 Leave an area at the bottom of the screen to show the skill details, like the screen for spell is now. In that area, when a skill is clicked, show all the modfiers that make up that skill, so that one can see the rank, ability modifers, etc. William 10/10/2001 V0.5.6
PCREQ0013 Allow for over max hit points - temporary adjustments, other than con, which, of course, should be handled by raising con. The easiest way to do this, I think, would be to create a new field for it. The screen would need some slight re-design, though, and if any temporary point exist, damage needs to come off of those first. William 10/10/2001 V0.5.8
PCREQ0014 Use SD Card for Character files. DAF 11/10/2001  
PCREQ0015 Use new Money system when finished. William 16/10/2001  
PCREQ0016 Support Linux. Ralph A. Mack 20/10/2001  
PCREQ0017 Id like to be able to multiply damage - in my case, for charging, with a lance, anmd with rhino hide armor. Basically, I'd like to, say,m click on damage more than once and have it show me the multiplier - that would be good enough for me. William 6/12/2001  
PCREQ0018 I would like to be able to change the damamge and attack modifiers on the fly - to represent power attack or other modifiers. William 6/12/2001  
PCREQ0019 The ability to add/subtract temporary hit points (as from a spell). Theses, of course, don't add to the hit point total, but instead are simply extra points that are reduced until you don't have them anymore because you ran out of them or the spell duration expired. William 3/1/2002 V0.5.8
PCREQ0020 Decrement Critical Multiplier. William 3/1/2002  
PCREQ0021 Support Charging William 3/1/2002  
PCREQ0022 Will/Ref/For saves on the combat screen. William 3/1/2002 V0.5.6
PCREQ0023 A great aid would be standard conditional modifiers that could be selected (along with short text of effects so you know what's happening). Like, for example (okay, this is not just random - my character was blind AND grappled):

Blind: 50% miss, No dex AC bonus, +2 to be attacked, 1/2 spd and -4 dex and str skill checks.

Grappled: Can't move or cast a spell (can do verbal with concentration check), can attack with small weapons only, or attempt to break free from the opponent, no threatened area no dex AC bonuses against other opponents.

Out of those, PCGenView could probably adjust
For blind:AC ,move rate, dex and str skill checks.
For grappled:Move rate, prevent spell casting, prevent attacks with any weapon larger than "small".
William 4/1/2002  
PCREQ0024 The weapon size is useful in PCGenView, but it would also be useful to show if the weapon is light, one-handed, two- handed or too large to use. And no, I don't know where to put that info - unless opportunity was made smaller? Maybe make it "AoO" and create space for two letters for relative size:
William 4/1/2002  
PCREQ0025 A dice roller would be nice. I have one one my Visor, but it takes to long to switch out of PCGenView and back in to make that worthwhile. Perhaps you could start using P4 (page 4) for generic utilties like this? Just a thought. If you do this, the ability to roll any number of any kind of die would be nice. Including multiple combinations - like 4d6 and 2d8, or something, though I'm not sure if that's really useful. Of course, with modifiers as needed (like 4d6+5 or 4 times d6+5, two different things - one is to add the bonus to the result, the other is to add the bonus to each die, and you might even need to do both) William 4/1/2002 V0.5.6
PCREQ0026 When 'Jump' spell selected change the maximum distance jumpable, to real max achivable if a 20 rolled.   9/1/2002 V0.5.7
PCREQ0027 Paladins Prepared spells not reseting on new Days. William 15/1/2002 V0.5.7
PCREQ0028 Add Half and Quarter Values to Dice Roller Page. Lone2k 15/1/2002 V0.5.7
PCREQ0029 Make Tone when 1 or 20 are rolled to Hit. Brad Stiles 24/1/2002 V0.5.8
PCREQ0030 Changing Stats, does not update the Skill Breakdown Info Pete Blake 21/3/2002 V0.5.9
PCREQ0031 Changing Stats does not update the Spell DC, for spellcasters. Pete Blake 21/3/2002  
PCREQ0032 Add Ability to Cusomise the Page Order DAF    


Number  Feature Who When Version
DMREQ0001 A *simple* combat tracker. It should allow me to import a party sheet (or other template) from PCGen, or choose from the PCs loaded on the Palm. Rolling or entering initiative for each PC/NPC, then sorting. Keep track of whose turn it is, with a method to move somebody in the order, due to delay or ready. Track the duration of spell or other effects. Brass 8/10/2001  
DMREQ0002 Beam Equipment to DMView/PCGenView me 7/1/2002  
DMREQ0003 Use PCGen export, since PCGen also has the ability to export parties Brad 13/12/201