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  • Across the bottom of the page are 8, large icons, and 4 small Dice icons, these are used to change pages within the program, the 8 large icons take you the selected page, and the 4 dice icons, will swap you to the first, second, third or forth set of eight pages. You can also navigate to the pages using the Hardware buttons on the Palm.
  • [Calendar] Move Stats Page (this page).
  • [Phone] Move one page left.
  • [To do] Move one page right.
  • [Notes] Move to Combat Page.
  • The <- -> Arrows on the title bar, will be used to swap characters, when multiple character loading is supported.
  • The '?' on the title bar will take you to the help page for the Page you are on.
  • To change a Stat value, either click on the top half of the skill score, to make it go up, and on the bottom half to make it go down, or click on the stat name, which will then display the selected stat between the '+' and '-' button below the stats. Then click either '+' or '-' depending what you wish to do.
  • Once you have changed a skill if you wish to quickly reset it back to the default, you can now click the newly visible button, that shows the original stat score.
  • To roll a stat save, click the stat bonus for the stat you wish to save against, and you will now see the result of the save just above the page change buttons.
  • Under the List of character classes, is first your speed, and then your Vision, and then your current Hit Points.
  • The icon of a Half moon, with 'z's is used to tell the software that a day has elapsed, and various parameters need to be reset.