What's New...

21-Jun-2005 V0.6.5b
  • Beta version for Treo testing
15-Aug-2004 V0.3.0
  • PCGenTOPalm updated to cope with PCGen 5.7.2
  • New Output template created for PCGen 5.7.2
29-Feb-2004 V0.6.4
  • PCGenView support Palm OS 5.
  • Update to work with PCGen V5.
  • New csheet_palmte500.cdt template for PCGEN 5
  • Start to implemt new Boost system, for grater fleximblity.
  • New version of PCGenToPalm.exe to support PCGen 5.
  • General Memory saving to support Palm OS 5, and give memory for implementing Boosts.
Unreleased V0.6.3
  • Add ability to copy Character notes to be inserted into the Palms MemoPad, each time the button is click a new memo will be created.
7-Dec-2002 V0.6.2
  • PCGenView does not support Palm OS 5. at this point.
  • Fix Touch AC when Natural AC > 0, only for PCGen > 4.0.0.
  • Fix Configuration of Skills on the Combat Page.
21-Oct-2002 V0.6.1
  • Add new Installer Program. (experimental)
  • Add ability to 'Take 10' on Jump page.
  • Remember which Page was last in use, when jumping between page groups.
  • Add Button to Combat Page, to jump to the Boosts Page.
  • Fix Skill Breakdown, when Skill Score is Negative.
  • Add Ability to change Page order per character.
  • Support 'Touch Defence' Ability.
  • Support 'Extended Rage' Feat.
  • Add Sneak Attack Damage Support.
  • Fix Use of Double Headed weapons ie Quarter Staffs.
  • Change Weapons / Feats / Spells / Equipment / Money to use new Table Structure, to Reduce Memory Usage.
  • Add new PCGen Template to support PCGen 4.0.0 and Greater.
20-May-2002   Release minor fixed version of XPCalc, with the following fixes.
  • Fixed updating of main display when party size changed.
  • Fix adding characters to a party, when a party not selected.
  • Fix creating new characters by editing old ones.
  • Add 3 methods of calculating party level.
    • Total Party Level / Size of Party.
    • Total Party Level / 4
    • Total Party Level / Size of Party + (2 * Log2(Party Size / 4))
12-May-2002   Release new version of XPCalc, with the following new features.
  • Popup List of MM Creatures with CR's to speed up entry.
  • Percentage Setup to control overall XP Granted.
  • Character Setup (Registered Version).
  • Party Setup (Registered Version).
  • Character XP History (Registered Version).
  • Support Forgotten Realms XP System (Registered Version).
9-Apr-2002 V0.5.9
  • Add New Mail/Chat Page, not yet working..:(
  • Add Online Page Help, that mirrors the in program help.
  • Release Simple Programmable Dice Roller, see Other Palm Apps Section.
  • Release Simple XP Calculator, see Other Palm Apps Section.
  • Fix AC Save Calculation Problem.
  • Fix Saving of Save Mods Correctly.
  • Fix Saving of Enlargement Size Change.
  • Add Button to Roll AC/Touch/Flat Saves from Combat Page.
  • Add To Hit and Damage Boosts to Boosts Page.
  • Support Monks 'Leap of the Clouds' Ability.
  • Reuse some forms to Reduce program Size, and Increase load Speed (slightly).
  • Recalculate Carry Capacity if Strength Changes.
  • Support Paladin 'Divine Grace'.
  • Fix PCGenToPalm 0.2.10.
  • Correct Skill Info Displayed when Skill Selected (PCREQ0030)
27-Mar-2002 V0.2.10
  • Release of new PCGenToPalm, to fix Jumping and Movement problems caused by newer version of PCGen.
26-Jan-2002 V0.5.8
  • Fix Disappearing Turn Information.
  • Move Jump and other Spells to a Active Spells Page, which can be got by click the new icon on the title bar of the Jump and Combat page.
  • Add Support for Haste/Slow Spells.
  • Add Support for Boots of Speed.
  • Add Support for Boots of Striding and Springing.
  • Add Run * 5 on Movement page, when Run Feat Available.
  • Show Money and Gems on Money Page.
  • Split Feats and Abilities into separate lists on page.
  • HP Boost can now be added on the Boost Page (PCREQ0013)(PCREQ0019).
  • Add Option to Play Tone on Critical Hits and Critical Misses (PCREQ0029).
  • Remove Small ICON, because it causes the Default Launcher to Crash, if it is set to List View..:(
  • Reduce memory usage slightly.
  • Add Spell Components to Spell Effect Page.
19-Jan-2002 V0.5.7
This version uses Feature new in PCGen 2.4.0, so you will need to use that version or later.
  • Add Movement Tab.
  • Add Support for Spontaneous Casting (PCREQ0010).
  • Add Meter setup to PCGenView Setup page.
  • Add Reset Buttons to Die Roller Page.
  • Change Profile page, to display more information.
  • Fix missing God Name.
  • Fix Page Left Bug from Profile Page.
  • Add Beaming Character from the Main page.
  • Implement Character Size Adjustments of +/-50%.
  • Add Mv: for Movement add Vis: for Vision prompts to Stats page (PCREQ0008).
  • Redesign Dice Roller Page.
  • Add Button on Dice Roller Page to Go to Spell Effects Page.
  • Save Custom Dice Roll Setup for Each Character.
  • Add Half and Quarter Values to Dice Roller page (PCREQ0028).
  • Add new Subtabs on the Equipment page, so split equipment in to categories.
  • Add Language to Profile Page.
  • Fix Paladin Resetting Spells on New Day (PCREQ0027).
  • Work-out and display real Max Jump Distance when Jump Spell in effect (PCREQ0026).
  • Add Support for External Description File for Spells and Feats.
11-Jan-2002 V0.5.6
Add Extra Fields to PALM Database. Old Character files will not work with the new PRC, You will need to delete the CDB files from the CASL Directory before creating new ones.
  • Move Campaign name to Profile Screen.
  • Add Stats save to stats page, but clicking the Mod Value for each stat.
  • Change Some data to Load on Demand to speed up initial loading.
  • Fix Slight Display problem, when selected spells,.
  • Use KNOWN Spell Count to determine if spell user can memorise spells.
  • Add Countdown of number of spell left to cast at a given level.
  • Sorcerer spell casting now working.
  • Add Support for Wizard Specialisation.
  • Fix Incorrect number of Spell Levels showing available for Multi Spell Casting classes.
  • Move to the Top of the Spell List when changing spell levels.
  • Add Beam check box to character selection, to enable beaming of characters.
  • Increase number of Available Domains to 9.
  • Speed up loading time, and remove percentage.
  • Add New Equipment Page, to show More Equipment Info.
  • Fix Updating Combat Page Skills when Stats Change.
  • Change the word 'Learn' to 'Prepare' on the Spell page.
  • Add new Faster method of Loading Cleric and Wizard's Prepared spells.
  • Add Resetting of Spells to previous Prepared on a New Day.
  • Change the Distance from Feet/Meter after the roll has been made.
  • Store the Feet/Meters setting.
  • Show Extended Equipment Data on New Page.
  • Add Basic Help system, (Help page text not yet written..:).
  • Add ability to configure which skills are show on the combat page, the configuration is store in a separate file, so it will not be lost after the character is resynced.
  • Add FReq list to site.
  • Save Notes in separate file for the time being.
  • Add new Drop down box to select new weapon on combat page (PCREQ0011).
  • Add New Spell Caster Drop Down, on Spells Page.
  • Add Extra Skill information at bottom of skill page, when skill clicked (PCREQ0012).
  • Add Ref/Fort/Will save buttons to combat page (PCREQ0022).
  • Add new Dice Roller Page (PCREQ0025), with Fudge, d2, d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100, and 3 custom buttons..
  • Add new Program Setup Page.
  • Add button to combat page, to quickly jump to the Dice Roller Page.
  • Add button to the Dice Roller page, to quickly jump to the Combat page.
1-Jan-2002 V0.5.5
  • Fix using the Correct to Hit Value for attacks of Opportunity.
  • Fix using the correct to Hit Bonus, when using secondary weapons.
  • Detect Basic Uncanny Dodge, and effect AC accordingly.
  • Fix Spelling of SPELLFAILURE in CDT template.
  • Increase the number of Skills from 60 to 100.
  • Increase the number of Feats/Abilities from 50 to 100.
  • Increase the number of pieces of equipment from 60 to 100.
  • Add Support for upto 10 Classes.
  • Change Available Spell Count, to show number of Domain Spells.
  • Add Star before Domain Spells on Display.
  • Add Config Page.
  • Add Support for 'Run' Feat on Jumps.
  • Add Support for 'Jump Spell' on Jumps.
  • Add Support for 'Expeditious Retreat Spell' on Jumps.
  • Add Jump Calculations.
  • Add Spell Selection, for Clerics.
  • There is a small colour problem if you scroll some of the List Boxes, most noticeable on the spell selection page. This should be fixed with next version of the compiler..:(
  • Increase number of Spell Casting Class to 8.
  • Display List box with class, to cope with more than 4.
  • Cast Button Now Decrements Number of Remaining Spells.
  • Fix Show Next Spell Classes Spells when two or more Spell casting classes at the same level.
  • New PCGenToPalm and Template .CDT File.
12-Dec-2001 V0.5.4
  • Add Wait message, when changing Skill values.
  • Add new About Page.
  • Add new Jump Page, to show Jump Distances (Under Development).
  • Add New HP Boost Page (Under Development).
  • WIS Changes now effects WILL Saves.
  • CON Changes now effects FORT Saves and HP Total.
  • DEX Changes now effect REF Saves, and AC.
  • Add To Hit Rolls to combat screen.
  • New PCGenToPalm to work out Damage Dice.
  • Roll Damage When Damage Button pressed.
  • Roll Critical Damage, when Crit Button Pressed.
  • Attack of Opportunity, when Opportunity Pressed.
  • Change New Round Button Icon on Combat Page.
  • Add Ability to Increase Damage Multiplier by clicking the Multiplier Button.
23-Nov-2001 V0.5.3
  • Fix over writing of Gold/Exp changes.
  • Add Storing of Stat Changes.
  • Add 'New Day' button,
  • New Day now Resets the number of Turns.
  • New Day now Resets the number of available Rages'
  • Work Out Cleric Turn rolls. HD Effected and Damage Done.
  • Change number of Turns per Day if CHA changes.
  • Add Background colour to selected page Icons.
  • Double number of available page. For Future Expansion.
  • Add Support for Barbarian Rage. Rage First press puts character in Rage, second press puts character in Fatigue, third press returns to Normal. At them moment It changes that Stats, but does not effect HP or To Hit. HP Should be in the next release, and TO Hit soon after that.
  • Add small Icon to PRC for LaucherIII and similar Launchers (may not work!)
  • Add Extra BONUSSPELL Field to Spell Data in CDT file.
13-Nov-2001 V0.5.2 No version change, just a small fix, for negative values of some saves.
12-Nov-2001 V0.5.2
  • Add Skill Check. Click on a skill and it will roll, and show the result at the bottom of the skill screen.
  • Add Delete Character Options from first screen, check the Delete Option and the character will be deleted..
  • Add Skill check for 6 skills on combat page.
  • Extend comments and bio data upto a maximum length of 15K.
  • Change Weapons page, to give more space.
  • Change Spell view to highlight the selected level button.
  • Add ability to click on Stats, so Incrementing and Decrementing can be implemented, click top half to go up, and bottom half to go down.
  • Add Experience target for next level.
  • Change combat page to give more space.
  • Found small problem on mono version, am waiting for a fix from CASLSoft.:(
  • Add Attribute adjust, Skill are also change. Not complete yet does not effect saves/ac/hp or anywhere else..:)
  • Add none current version of the sources.
  • Add first pre-alpha version of GMView, does nothing yet, just got some screens..:)
  • Minor update, because the csheet_palmte.cdt has a small error in the CHA Stat.
  • Having changed the software not to use the CASLrt.prc, I have discovered that with out it installed, you cannot HotSync your characters, so I have included in the PCGenView package again, until I work out a work around.
21-Oct-2001 V0.5.1
Add Extra Fields to PALM Database. Old Character files will not work with the new PRC, You will need to delete the CDB files from the CASL Directory before creating new ones.
  • Fix Display of Magic Items.
  • Align Saving Throw Values.
  • Start to Add Spell Selection System.
  • Change Background and Font colour, of all '+' buttons.
  • Add editing of other save modifiers.
  • Maybe fix the random loss of stored modification info.
  • Add editing of notes section.
  • Increase length of text for Domains and Spell Effects.
  • Add - - Bio - - text to start of Bio Info.
  • Add Saving Throw dice roll.
  • Do a few loading speed-ups.
  • Remove the dependence on the CASLrt runtime library.
  • Lengthen Campaign Name field.
16-Oct-2001 V0.5.0
Add two Extra Fields to PALM Database. Old Character files will not work with the new PRC, You will need to delete the CDB files from the CASL Directory before creating new ones.
  • Must install CASLstd.fon for the PCGenToPalm.exe to be able to word wrap correctly.
  • Fix Export of all Feats.
  • Add Export of Description / Bio / Companions and Magic.
  • Add Wordwrap of Description / Bio / Companions and Magic to PCGenToPalm.exe.
  • Add Attribute to Skill Names.
  • Add buttons to enable Saving Throws to be rolled.
  • Change Attribute Screen to have only one Set of '+' and '-' buttons.
  • Add Separator Lines in Feats / Abilities Page.
  • Display Description / Bio / Companion and Magic Notes.
  • Hide Permanent Attribute Value, unless the Temp value is changed.
  • Word wrap Spell Effect in PCGenToPalm.
  • Show Longer Spell effect.
  • Maximum of 100 Lines of Companion text.
  • Maximum of 100 Lines of Funds/Magic item text.
  • Maximum of 200 Lines of Bio / Description Text.
  • Maximum of 3 Lines of Spell Effect Text.
  • Add 'No God' to Domain Page if no God Defined.
8-Oct-2001 V0.4.8
  • Fix Divide by 0 bug in PCGenToPalm.exe
  • Move Equipment Page to Second Screen.
  • Add Second Equipment Page.
  • Add Spell Effect Page next to Spell Page.
  • Link Cast Button to Spell Effect Page.
  • Add Companion Page.
  • Attempt to Line up Equipment Better.
  • Cut all but first to hit value from Weapons page, fro clarity, full info will still be show on the Combat page.
  • Add space on profile page for Bio/Description info.
7-Oct-2001 V0.4.7
  • First Beta Release of Palm Conduit (V0.2)
  • Change Title on Feats to Feats/Abilities.
  • Line up Skill Values (as best as I can).
  • Add Effect Data to Spells Page.
  • 2 Weapon Support attack values will not be correct until, PCGEN has a enhancement..:(
  • First beta of Conduit install is being tested, if all goes well it will be uploaded later this week..:)
25-Sep-2001 V0.4.6
  • Show Number of Spells Known, on the spells page.
  • Add extra fields onto the Saves Page. (Don't yet do anything).
  • Enable Changing for Off-Hand Weapon.
  • Create yahoogroups group for PCGen View discussion.
24-Sep-2001 V0.4.5 (not released)
  • Add Domain Feature Text
  • Show Second Selected Weapon.
22-Sep-2001 V0.4.5
  • Fix Left Page Movement when going from second set to first set of pages.
  • Add Page Name instead of Level on each page except the Stats Page.
  • Change 1. 2. on the Combat page to P. for Primary and O. for Off Hand.
  • Start adding support for Primary and Off-Hand weapons.
  • Add Vision to stats and profile page.
  • Add more information to Profile page.
21-Sep-2001 V0.4.4
  • Fix HP Total on statistics page changes as damage in inflicted.
  • Add Max HP after the current HP Value on the Combat page.
  • Add Support for Palm Buttons.
    • Calendar goes to Stats Page.
    • Address moves one page Left.
    • Todo moves one page right.
    • Memo goes to combat page.
  • Add 8 New Pages defined so far are.
    • Domain
    • Profile
    • Notes
    • Information
20-Sep-2001 V0.4.3
  • Add new Runtime Library to fix Page Up/Down Button bug.
  • Add Spell Cast Left and Right Buttons to change the current selected Spell Class.
  • Add Help/About Dialog.
  • Add Support for Multiple Spell Casting Class, in a single character.
  • Extend size of movement field.
  • Add Number of spells per day field to Spell page.
19-Sep-2001 V0.4.2
  • Add Small prompts on the Spell screen, to aid readability.
  • Fix Spell information.
  • Add copyright Message
  • Start to add support for multi class spell casters.
18-Sep-2001 V0.4.1
  • Initial Release
  • Add Touch AC to Combat View.