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Character Statistics (the Plus and Minus buttons do not at this time effect your current stat's.)
Saving Throws (use the edit field on the AC line to add any temp AC Adjustments. and use the Plus Minus buttons to apply any Gold/Experience changes.)
Feats and Abilities.
Combat Skills. (Selecting a weapon here will change the weapon selected on the combat page)
Spells (this is from a different character)
Spell Effect info
Combat/Playing. (Use the Plus and Minus buttons th adjust your current HP. the figure in [] is your flat footed AC. the figure in () is your Touch AC. Clicking on the selected weapon will change to the next one.)
Detail Equipment Details.
Extra Equipment (Magic Items/Funds)
Player Companion Info
Jump Distances
Movement Distance
Character Size and HP Boost.
Currently Active Spells.
Mail System (Not yet Implemented)
Character Configuration.
Dice Roller
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