PCGen View, a companion program for PCGen, which allows the display of PCGen generated characters on a Palm Bases PDA. You can now store all your favourite characters' statistics on your PDA and carry it to where you play, you don't need any paper character sheets anymore. All you have to do is export the characters using PCGen using a specific template, save the exported files at the proper place for them to be synchronised on your PDA, and PCGen View will display it for you in nice readable format, using separate pages, nice little icons, etc.

PCGen View is a beta release (0.5.9), but includes most of the data that PCGen can export. I have tested it on a Palm Vx and Palm m505, m515. You can contact me at PCGenview@tim-evans.com.

If you are looking for a Pocket PC program to do this, then please see my friends web site here. or there is program called PCGScry