Adventures at Xi'an


Week 1 / 1 First day of the New Year

The god Techo-Buja declares his blood feud with us. Oops, I should have wiped him out fully the first time. We celebrate for 3 days. Then intend to set off, with the silk merchants, to Xi'an. More of the warrior priests with tattoos show up on day 3, 20 or so proceed to attack us for breaking their religious artifact a long time ago! When they have been stopped a Taoist priest called Tsu Tsi asks to join as a tutor and fellow of the party. He seems to be a reasonable person. We sleep!

Week 1 / 4

The merchants are already loading the boat when we arrive. It's covered in silk but it most certainly isn't all silk! Lee Ho take a tutor in Xi'anese by the name of Shang Pijin-ker.

Flower Goddess reports that the trial of Uhura is now on! Appear as a flower on the ship. We must get to heaven quickly. Uhura says that (Kami of Lacewing butterfly) claims that his species was wiped out in a moments inattention by Uhura. We are to find a living Lacewing to disprove this and then get to Heaven. Lee Ho dedicates a book and revenue to the flower Kami. Lee Ho Meditates and learns that the insect has long legs, and is call a Lacewing.

The party continue there journey.

Week 2 / 4

Landfall at Woo Han. Met blind Taoist Abbot Gita (lowcast) he is coming with us.

Week 2 / 5

Arrive at Xi'an?

 Great Wall Xi'an city walls are 5 miles on a side, 40 yards high, and very thick. The Yangtze is diverted so that it forms a moat around the 6 mile x 6 mile city. Docks are very very large! China City

Instruct Yamabushi to look for Lacewings. Blind Abbot makes some prophecies and then declare that Krappi is bloodstained and must wash at the source of the Yangtze. He then speaks a poem which we record, in brief.

A blackbird flies from cage
duck sits on icy pond
hawk attacks dove, hawk loses feathers
old cock rests on drum
eagle and hawk fight over rice
robin sings as winter starts
winter peak robin leaves

We land at the port. Pijin-ker takes us to to a nearby coffee shop. We discover sugar! To go with the coffee. We find the Yeeuch Temple is in the North East corner of the Winter Palace. Lee Ho buys a umbrella for Mi-Lan and hankie for Krappi. See ?Molsers? for the first time.

Week 2 / 6

Still looking for long term accommodation in or here Xi'an. We travel to Yeeuch Temple, out side the temple there is a cage full of skulls. Lee Ho buys a farm (20 acres) for housing the horses and samurai.

Week 2 / 7 - Week 5 / 10

MeBe and Krappi spend the month training
Lee Ho spend the month looking for Lacewings.
And one god blood feud.

Week 6 / 1

Still looking for way of getting into Yeeuch Temple. Farm beginning to settle. Lee Ho meditate on skull cage, it appears to be a pile of skulls filled with spirits which are slowly breaking the skulls down, to what purpose we do not know.

Week 6 / 4

Lee Ho meditates at the gates to soul cage. MeBe is trying to have a pair of Suko made. Krappi meditates outside the Yeeuch Temple. Gates have Kanji written on them. Lee Ho start to decode, he sends the Yamabushi searching for an ancient Kanji book.. They fails to fine one for him.

Week 6 / 5

?Yamabushi 1 gets his gloves fitted?. Lee Ho try to find a book and fail, then Meditates till dawn.

Week 6 / 6

Leave Mi-Lan at temple and return to farm. Continue running farm until week 7.

Week 7 / 1

Krappi almost completely breaks down under the strain. I teach samurai / Yamabushi some religion while they are staying at the farm.

Week 8 / 1

Lee Ho meditates as form of test, "to maintain the core, and to not ignore the periphery"... But what is the periphery? Study Gnana-yoga! Periphery is his associate.

Week 9 / 1

Lee Ho continues to meditate and teach. Everyone starts learning some thing different! Lee Ho learns Jujutsu, the others continue to learn Kanji...!

Week 12 / 1

Lee Ho throw a 10 Gold Piece party? It doesn't help Krappi but who cares. We send Mi-Lan off to deliver the scholar back to Nanking. It might be her who is the periphery! Lee Ho meditate on whether the associates are "some" but not all or one. It's true, only "some" associates. we learn the name of the metal we are hunting for it is called Gun Lai.

While we considering, Lee Ho's meditations, 6 large bears come over the walls and attack us. While we fight Techo-Buja shows up in a smoke screen and steals Krappi. Tsu Tsi holds Techo-Buja's attention while Lee Ho get him in range and then exorcise him. He leaves rather quickly without a) saying good-bye b) Krappi's body. Krappi awakes and explains that we need to shin in our own right to solve the next Test of Tenwa.

Orange Cat

MeBe discovered, during combat, that the potion acquired (Week 34 / 1 : Day 69) turns him into a cat. The next day we use this facility to get him into the temple at Xi'an. Having discovered that the staff is wooden with green bobble and they have another Tenwa Tapestry, we launch a cunning plan. Krappi draws a picture of the tapestry and we commission a replica tapestry. While it's being done we start earning money. Krappi paints, MeBe works and Lee Ho train and look for Lacewings. MeBe seems to changes into a cat at odd moments.

Week 13 / 4

Lee Ho purchase 4 months fire-wood and oil for his temple. He start's fire he invites the villagers for a barbecue every Friday (10th day). We study / learn / work for 5 months while the tapestry is being done. Lee Ho make some religious scrolls, one a month for 3 months. The harvest is good, about 400 Gold Pieces worth. Lee Ho gives lots of money away an buy 2 neighbouring farms (+5 RI) giving peasants security of tenure. Lee Ho improve the the temple a bit and get a few novices (4). Krappi meets Mongol official. It starts badly but improves when Krappi give the Mongol a gift of a very good horse.

Week 26

The rain dragon shows his displeasure at the lack of a harvest tribute We buy 100 Gold Pieces of pearls and sacrifice them. Lee Ho meditates and tries to talk to him, eventually he succeeds. Lee Ho finds dragon bones on land, and pottery figures, he then hire two scholars to investigate Kanji on bones. Krappi paints pictures of important people and makes some money.


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