Buddha on the Yangtze


Week 27

The merchants arrive and Krappi enrols as a lay Taoist. We talk to the dragon. He can't help. I give my loyal Yamabushi 3 days off (the one who did not go with Mi-Lan)

Week 28 / 1

MeBe and Krappi launch raid on temple / university, both drink MeBe's cat potion, only MeBe turns into cat. Plan instantly revised. I arrange for a rapid departure from the farm with merchants, and travell up the Yangtze river. Farm left to reliable family in village, 1/3 harvest to dragon, 1/4 profit to be retained. Gray Cat

We hide the bones in the box. Its okay. The tapestries hide the 'light' of the box in their own directions. I sit with box and Chrysalis and MeBe / Krappi prepare again. MeBe studies Atemi-Waza okuden of Ignore Armour, Krappi studies the ancient Kanji from bones and gates.

Week 29 / 3

Krappi attends ambassadorial party as 'cover' for next raid. Lee Ho talks for one hour while Krappi and MeBe blag the university. Its in-ordinate successful. We get
1) The Tapestry for the Box.
2) Scrolls.
3) Bone Box(!) from inner sanctum.
The merchants have procured two ships, we set off towards them but get accosted on the way by 20 terra-cotta soldiers, a fight occurs, we prevail. Later we arrive at the boats.

Week 29 / 5

We board boats en-route for source of the Yangtze river.

Week 29 / 6

That evening having sailed for a day we come under attack. From flying skulls. Lee Ho pass out under the attack, MeBe suffers and Krappi is scratched. but the skulls are destroyed, Lee Ho is brought round. We start studying the bone box - a non magical Chinese puzzle box and the scrolls which are encrypted Kanji. After two days Lee Ho get the first piece out of the box by pressing both ends and sliding 5 section out and back. Krappi is insisting that Lee Ho stay below decks due to his vulnerability under attack. MeBe unable to assist our studies has taken to prowling around the ship cat-like. That night another load of skulls pay a less than friendly visit. Next day Lee Ho fish's and get a minor sin. Lee Ho spend the rest of the day in ritual. Krappi solves the next piece of the puzzle box and then a third piece comes out.

Week 29 / 9

Continuing to study. More pieces are removed from the puzzle box, and methods of replacing them are learnt.

Week 29 / 10

The puzzle box continues to receive Krappi and Lee Ho's attention, it eventually opens to revealed a gold irregular metal slab. A key perhaps. Peace settles for a few weeks. Lee Ho studies scrolls with Krappi, while practising my air fishing, looking after chrysalis and horses (cure Krappi of food poisoning).

Week 35

See large birds ridden by a man.


Week 1

Arrive Zanzhou and 2 things are found out.
1) MeBe finds green robed merchant.
2) Lee Ho discover that the Tsin Mai are bird riders from rock tower in the north who trade, very profitably, with merchants in city. (They've been attacked unsuccessfully by Mongols 3 times in recent past) We make contact and exchange gifts (painting for relic). Krappi asks us to investigate 'Old Dog of Tsai Ti'. Climb to place above the clouds. MeBe investigates the clan and traders progress.

Sail north leaving MeBe to follow green robed merchant, he may have been discovered. weeks later (Lee Ho studies Gnana yoga) we arrive at Lutan village (of ginger plants) and the food is great... but poisoned... we just survive but the poisoners (merchants) cop it and end up in the river (weighted down). Another puzzle - the merchants safe magically sealed. We sail again trying to crack safe and healing slowly poisoned samurai. After a few days we see mountains on the left in the distance. The sailors tell us we are heading there but they have never been this far before.

Week 1 / 9

The mountains are on a raised plateau that goes as far as the eye can see with shear sides. The river spawns from a lake below the rift where a large waterfall runs into the lake. A small town sits on the lake. We land there. The river runs 1 month further we are told.

Week 2 / 3

Lee Ho replenish the supplies etc. The waterfall is some 50' high. Lee Ho visits the waterfall and prays. We find Mongols of another tribe, less organized/civilized, they all show the same 'Mon'. Next day Lee Ho seek out an old nurse who tells us the tale of the 'Old Dog of Tsai Ti'. he is in a temple on a lonely mountain. MeBe finds a house where they are praying to the Mon symbol. Lee Ho pick up a follower called Kan Chi, a 21 years old 1st level priest. He seems an all right sort of bloke. Krappi finds a room behind the waterfall. Lots of interesting chambers and shadowy guardians, including excellent sculptures of Sakyamuni - the founder of Buddhism, Amida - compassionate Buddha, Dainichi - cosmic Buddha. All covered in a milky white substance. It all appears to belong to a water Kami/dragon called Tzi Li Me. MeBe and Krappi pray and leave, but the shadowy figures try to steal some 'offerings' to which Krappi takes offence and kills everything in sight. They bring back some goo from beyond a door they partially opened. It gives me great offence. I go back and investigate. I find a room full of corpses which it takes us, along with the local Buddhist priests two days to bury. Behind the slaughter room is a Buddhist complex which has been sacked and blocked up. Searching above finds a ruin of a temple on the cliff, no connection made immediately. We continue exploring, finding secret compartments with ceremonial objects and texts, including a secret passage to behind Buddha's eyes where they light a fire. Buddha is pleased and gives us all a gift of knowledge - PERSONALLY! I go into retreat for a week to contemplate.


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