The Source of the Yangtze


Week 8 / 1

The party get to the top of the mountains and look down upon the plains beyond. A wide, flat, plain that is punctured by a single feature. A single mountain, surrounded by a lake, upon which it rains forever. The source of the Yangtze river. Lee Ho blows the last of his Tea and Sake on a party for the men, Krappi paints a picture.

Closer inspection reveals that a huge army of pottery figures and bears awaits us on the plain, Techo Buja has arranged us a small welcoming committee, or so we assume.

Week 8 / 3

MeBe investigates, flying in in the form of a Bat. He talks to the Daoists who have a monastery on the rock. MeBe in Bat Form

The army know the we're here and changes formation to block our approach to the rock. Krappi delivers a message (by arrow) to Techo Buja, and discovers the flying skulls are with the army as well. Later that same day the Green Robed Merchant from Shanghai arrives, it looks like everything is going to happen at once.

Week 8 / 4

Faced with an intransigent Kami, with a huge army, Lee Ho calls upon Fudo-Myoo to help, casting down the coin he was given by Fudo-Myoo. Having cast the coin, he begins to wonder if he has he done the right thing?. Several minutes later Seven hundred armed men wander over the hill to help - Wow! Krappi sets about arranging the battle and Lee Ho consecrates the point where the coin struck the ground. He builds a cairn at the spot and names it "Hang Seng Fall" or "Place of Great Miracle". A large battle then occurs, which the party wins (That was lucky), Techo Buja is surrounded and Krappi wants to kill him. Lee Ho suggests a deal - we sponsor a few theatres and he leaves us alone, ends the blood feud, releases Mi-Lan (who he has captured) and makes no action to further his claim to our items for 101 years from today. Hooray, it is sealed with a tea ceremony. At midnight, MeBe sees the merchant set off back the way they came, this time however with a group of loaded mules.

Week 8 / 5

Lee Ho starts burying the bodies of the fallen. Krappi and MeBe investigate the temple/monastery. MeBe infiltrates as a mouse, and allows himself to be captured. He is placed in a vivisectionists cage. Krappi returns, having tried less successfully to gain entry. That night MeBe "accidentally" throws his captor out of a window while making his escape, it's a long fall from those cliff side windows. Lee Ho sends him back to retrieve the body, and resurrects the poor fellow. While we are waiting for the investigators to return, a flower spirit contacts us and tells us that Uhura's trial is going very badly and that we must find a Lacewing Now! We redouble our efforts to get into the monastery / rock to find out how the metal (Gun Lai) is made. Lee Ho sends in a spirit to do a reconnaissance, after that.

MeBe in Dolphin Form Krappi and MeBe go in as Rider and Dolphin.

They explore up the mountain, climbing the rock, and find an ingot press. Continuing up they reach the top, which is covered in lush vegetation from the constant rain. On the top they find a complex of 17 pools, each containing a silvery ingot with different Kanji characters. In the final pool there is a silvery deposit left as a residue. Krappi bathes in the topmost pool - as he was fated to do to, to cleans his soul. They gather samples and make their escape. The party sets off as soon as they return.

Week 8 / 6

The party sets off back across the mountains towards the river, by mid afternoon we hear a bell being sounded. We investigate to find a temple on two pinnacles, we climb up. The Buddha's are gloss red in these parts, or is it.... red blood! The Buddha's state is animated as we approach and makes to attack the most Buddhist of the party.


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