The First Planting of the Paddy Field


Here is "The Beginning" this is how a poor group of misfits started down the rocky and lethal road that is the Epic Tenwa Campaign.

The Started with the following characters

Wazi-Nota-Badi Yakuza Nick Harrison
MeBe Mad Budoka Tim Evans
Ona-Mata-Paya Shugenja Robert Ashton
Bashimoto Gaiji Samurai Bushi Howard Tytherleigh
Toyota Celca Bushi / Ninja Colin


Week 1

The party are all from Sendai. They decide to see if they can make there fortune by adventuring in the Wai-Campie. The party walk for 2 weeks towards the Wai-Campie. They have some minor encounters and arrived at the small village of Bajato. They stay over night in the White Fan Inn and they meet two local Samurai Miluzo Matasay & Til-Qua. They are told about a local O-Bakemono that is killing and stealing in the local area. The party decide to investigate.

The party find the O-Bakemono called Doshemo. He is actually quite pleasant, not what they where expecting at all. He tells then that some bandits had been attacking the village, and spreading rumours that it was him to cover there tracks.

The party decide to return to the village and inform Miluzo Matasay, of their discovery, unfortunately on the return journey as the party passed a thicket it was attacked by two wolves, the party was decimated, of the five characters only two survive to return to the village. At the village a few more adventurous (fool hardy) soles are recruited. And Miluzo Matasay asks us to investigate the bandit's that we were told about.

The party investigate the bandits camp and find out that the bandits are planning to attack the village. They return to Doshemo and find he has been killed. The party decide to search the cave.

The cave was a mess, and had nothing of value. We were just a we were leaving Ona-Mata-Paya noticed there was a gold glint from the mud stained rug that was used as door for the bedroom. The party decided to take the rug and investigate it further.

The party return to the village to warn them only to find it already under attack. There is a mass battle. Colin's and Nick's characters are killed (This set a pattern for the future). The battle is almost lost for the players when Miluzo Matasay and some other Miluzo ashugaro arrive and finish off the bandits.

While recuperating from the battle we decide to clean the tapestry to find out what we have, and if it is worth anything. After much scrubbing a cleaning a rather worn but still very good quality tapestry was revealed. One edge of it had been slashed and burned, but it was still worth something. Ona-Mata-Paya after some magical research discovered that there was something magical about the tapestry, but what that magic was only time would tell.

Week 2 - 6

Party have 5 weeks downtime in Kurokawa. The party then spend a week walking into the Wai-Campie from Kurokawa.

Week 7 - 12

While exploring the Wai-Campie the party discovery Tenwa's ruined Castle Musbak. After some exploring they find the a large Water Tower which Bashimoto enters, as he enters there is a great rush of water from the top of the Water Tower and door is sealed Bashimoto is now trapped. The rest of the party investigate the lower part of the castle by digging out the dungeon for five days.

After another 14 days and nights Bashimoto has still not escaped from the Water Tower. The party find a Kami who is living on top of a nearby hill 'Imazu-Yama'. He also has a familiar which is a large black bird, they party name it Uhura. They persuade the otherworldly and slightly senile Kami to help them by making it rain, thus filling the Water Tower, which once it is full releases the door and allows Bashimoto to escape. They then find a strange ravine going off into the mountains. The start to explore it.

The continue exploring the ravine for two days. MeBe discovers that the berries on a certain thorny bush are 46% by volume of alcohol. He get drunk very quickly. The party are attacked by a Mijumi(?) a strange hag with no face. The Mijumi drives Bashimoto insane. The party take him to Imazu-Yama he heals him. The party then continue to dig out the cellar level of Castle Musbak. They camp that night under ground with Bashimoto on guard. That night the party are attacked by a group of O-Bakemono archers (of Bakemono Lord Aluma). Bashimoto is killed in the impossible shot in the dark that hits him in the head, he then falls down the stairs and critical's himself in the fall. The the O-Bakemono then bury the entrance way with the party still in the cellar and Bashimoto's body under the rubble. Colin's character declare a blood feud on the Bakemono for killing Bashimoto. The party dig themselves out. Give Bashimoto a proper burial. The party then return to the ravine and investigate the top of the ravine and find an ancient Buddhist temple.


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