The People and Places of the Tenwa Campaign

This is the history of Dave Finches Bushido campaign. Taking part have been Tim Evans, Howard Tytherleigh, Pete Nash, Martin Smith, Robert Ashton, Philippe Krait. The adventure started towards the end of 1991 and has been running on and off since then.

Characters :-

Lee Ho Phuck Buddhist Priest played by Howard Tytherleigh. eMail Lee Ho Phuck
Lord Tenwa / Krappi Karma Samurai Lord played by Pete Nash. e:Mail Lord Tenwa
MeBe Mad Budoka played by Tim Evans. e:Mail MeBe Mad
Tokyo played by Philippe Krait and Robert. e:Mail Tokyo
Toriyoshi Taoist played by Martin Smith. e:Mail Toriyoshi
Tsu Tsi Taoist Priest and Tutor.

Who's Who :-

This is a list of all the people and places we have been of any note, and any old characters.

Almia Bakemono chief that has Musbak in his fiefdom
Altuzu Dai-Oni / Demon Lord. Arch Enemy of the party.
Amazu Yamria A master on Atemi-Waza that MeBe Mad studied under.
Lady Amora Lady in Lord Xinji retinue who acted as a decoy for the Emperor's assasination.
Amjila One of Altuzu generals
Asamimura Village and Monastery near the sea west of Sendai
Ssen-lee-mji Bird-man that escaped from Valley of Mists
Baamebu Daa Lee Ho Phuck's temple to Fudo-Myoo
Bang Stick Portuguese Rifle
Bashimoto Gaiji Samurai Bushi played by Howard Tyherleigh.
Ben-jua-la Master armourer that lives in Kyoto and maker of Krappi Karma's armour
Billy-omo Master armourer that lives in Osaka
Bajato Small village west of Kurokawa where this whole thing started.
Camesenwa Ancient Imperial scribe
Chaozu Kucawa Yatoshiro 's girlfriend
Chi-san-lu Ginli merchant
Chinese puzzle box A small chinese puzzle box made of bone, stolen from the temple of Yeeuch at Xi'an
Cimajuo Buddhist priest at Baamebu Daa
Daigenja Advanced magic powers, developed by Lord Tenwa, ow used by the Sapporan's.
Doshemo O-Bakemono
Princess Easiko Shisote-Bota Cousin to the Emperor. Fiancee of MeBe Mad.
Est-mja Home of Imazu Yama
Farm and Temple near Xi'an Lee Ho's Farm and Temple near Xi'an.
Fiemjame Coins of the Gods
Fu-Erji Chinese silk merchant
Fudo-Myoo Buddhist spirit
Gansuma Some Bandits
Ginli The stuff that RSS wants, we call it plutonium.
Abbot Gita Blind Taoist Abbot (lowcast)
The Golden Pavilion Temple Temple at Kyoto
Gundari-Myoo Buddhist spirit
Hai-iaj Old temple in Wai-Campie
Haseli Freindly Bakemono in Miluzu Clan lands
Helocus Dragon Lord
Hermit Shugenja in Wai-Campie
Hikidunot Clan Clan used by the Imperial court for carrying Message's
Lord Hikidunot Vassal lord of Lord Xinji
Hokaido Northern island where Sapporo is located.
Hu Shi Ki Chinese silk merchants Shang Pi and Fu Erji's guard
Imazu Yama Kami
Immortals The eight Taoist...
Imras-catumo Small port not far from Naka-Mura
Itak Clan Buffer clan of Miluzo
Itak Sijalumo High ranking member of Itak that Lee Ho Phuck resurected, married to Miluzo Kojo
Jal-sei-ama Tatsu that let party ride on its back to Valley of Mists
Jenu-sama Kama, Tenjin of Soil School, was one of the Shugenja that made The Box.
Jumo Buffer clan of Miluzo clan
Kai O Shi Chinese silk merchants Shang Pi and Fu Erji's guard
King of the Bears Chained behine a temple at Nanking, by Monkey afrer the King and his Bears attacked Nanking, using a chain made from strans of the Moon Goddess's hair. He has been chained there for the Last 120 Years.
Koi Zodeki RSS 'Merchant'
Korea Country
Kurokawa Miluzo clans main city
Kyoto Capital City of Nippon.
Lacewing Butterfly, Uhura allegedly allow to die out, because see was spending too much time with morals (i.e. the party).
Lang-kui Young lady that got Shun Yabawura in trouble
Layine Enemy clan of Miluzo clan
Lusi Mauso Member of the Sapporo forien affairs sub-committee, Radical Greens
Mak-i-je-tame The Box
Mi-lan A fox spirit. ex mistress of Krappi, mother of Krappi's heir. and at one time party bike.
Miluzo Clan The party's clan
Miluzo Ginof Brother of Daiymo Miluzo Jumzai
Miluzo Jumzai Mutsu-no-Kama Miluzo Jumzai (the Daiymo of Miluzo clan)
Miluzo Kojo Jumzai's 2nd daughter married to Itak Sijalumo
Miluzo Le-jai Jumzai's 1st daughter married to Rela Daiymo's Son
Miluzo Matasey Ginof's oldest son, now dead, killed in battle with Toymi clan
Miluzo Simjai Jumzai's 1st son married to Pilut's 1st daughter, chief of 'Red Dawn on the Plains of Kurokawa' army, lives in Duatoi castle
Miluzo Zi-me-fan Jumzai Jumzai's 2nd son, chief of 'Green Fields of the Plains of Kurokawa' army, live in Nan-Ka castle
Monkey Historical Figure who searched for Buddha.
Monsters Description of different Monsters.
Mount Ti Location of the 'Old Dog of Tsai Ti'
Musbak Tenwa's ruin castle in Wai-Campie
Naka Mura  
Nan Tien  
Nanking City in China
Nicam Stereo  
Nofuni Bucefe  
Old Dog of Tsai Ti On top of Monut Ti
Ona-Mata-Paya Shugenja played by Robert Ashton.
Orileo Seneo  
Pusan Korean Port City.
Red Head Bands Rebel group to the south of Shanghai
Red Scarve  
Sapporo State located on the northern island of Hokaido
Sendai Home Village of the Original Party.
Shang-pi Chinese silk merchant
Shang Pijin-ker Lee Ho's Xi'anese tutor
Shanghai First China city the party visited.
Sweeping Swallow Wakizashi owned by Lord YYYY, Creared by XXXX and used by Lady Amora, in and assassination attemp on Lord Krappi.
Swords of Tenwa Sword made by the Original Lord Tenwa. Now in the possession of Lord Krappi, cuverted by Techo Buja. +4! Daisho, used to be +2 but were reforged by the Kami of smithing whilst in heaven. They have the Kanji for Lord Tenwa forged into the folding patterns. Fated to be the weapons which slay Altuzu.
Szu-fengfu Was called Washima Zani when taking the Tests of Tenwa, used to be ally of Altuzu.
Techo Buja God of Entertainment
Original Lord Tenwa Original Digenga Lord, who Krappi is modeling himself.
Three fingered hand Inn in shanghai that Ginli is sold to RSS
Three legged dog Inn in sapporo that has a secret entrance to RSS HQ
Til-Qua Miluzo Samurai.
Toymi Clan Clan destoryed by Miluzo clan
Toyota Celeca Bushi played by Colin
Tsin-jen RSS agent in three fingered hand
Tsi-mei A small race of people who fly on birds
Uhura Taoist spirit of a thousand birds. (appears as a Big Black Bird).
Valley of Mists Place were Altuzu placed the Swords of Tenwa for safe keeping.
Wai-Campie Dangerous land in Nippon that is controlled by Altuzu and is full of monsters Bakemono etc.
Wakshu Clan
Washima Zani Now called Szu-Fengfu was taking the Tests of Tenwa
Wazi-Nota-Badi Yakuza played by Nick Harrions.
White Fan Inn In at Bajato
White tips Portuguese ship
Wintasela Daigenja
Winter Palace Major palace in Xi'an
Xi'an Capital of China, biggest city in the world.
Xinsu Temple at Xi'an, that the party had to visit, as one of its tasks in china.
Xinja the college of  
Xinja The bars of ...
Xinji Clan Clan of Yedo
Lord Xinji Lord of Yedo
Yameifil Clan, miluzo clan destroyed
Yeeuch Temple Temple the party has to investigate, is located in the North East corner of the Winter Palace at Xi'an
Yedo Capital of Lord Xinji's Lands. Temporary home of the Imperial Court.
Yushu The Ghost ship
Tzi Li Me Kami / Water Dragon


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