Questions I would Like Answering.....

If you know the answers to any of these questions please let me know, they are links to the chronicle...

  1. Do you mean money Howard ?
  2. Is the "Metal (plutonium)" called Ginli or Gun Lai, or what ?
  3. What was the Emperor's Name ?
  4. What is the Emperor's Brothers Name ?
  5. What are the Name of the Emperor's sons ?
  6. Is it Fudo-Myoo or Fudoo-Myoo ?
  7. How do you spell Gundari-Myoo/Gadunga-Myoo and is he a Buddha ?
  8. Is it Tsu Tsi or Tzu Tsi ?
  9. Mijumi(?) a strange Hag, how do you spell it ?
  10. 'Old Dog of Tsai Ti' how is it spelled ?
  11. Sakyamuni spelling ?
  12. Amida spelling ?
  13. Dainichi spelling ?
  14. Jabaloo spelling ?
  15. Princess Easi Ko Shisota-Bota spelling ?
  16. Xinsu is that the temple at Xi'an we had to visit ?
  17. Molsers what are they? and is the name correct ?
  18. Yeeuch Temple in the North East corner of the Winter Palace. Is this the temple at Xi'an we had to visit? and is it spell correctly ?
  19. Yamabushi 1 gets his gloves fitted, what gloves ?
  20. Does the Ceremony the Emperor has to preform have a name ?