Lord Tenwa Lord Krappi Karma / Lord Tenwa
Pete Nash
Tenwa Clan


This is a new Samurai Lord that went into the Wai-Campie and since this time has with his followers grown in status - he is known to have the ear of the Miluzo Daimyo and rumour has it also the Emperor's Brother's friendship. The present whereabouts of Krappi has been unknown for some time but it is said that he has travelled to China on a Holy Quest for a local Kami called Uhura (has the physical form of a large black bird). There is a very large shrine in Kurokawa built by Krappi called 'Nicam-stereo' or 'The Freedom of the Soul' dedicated to her. At Krappi's house to the south of Kurokawa there is new Buddhist Temple called 'Baamebu Daa' for a Buddhist sect that revere Fudo-Myoo - a place truly to be seen to be believed.

Class Bushi   Score Saving
Level 5th Strength 30 10/15
Budo 13,428 Deftness 24 8/13
On 32,711 Speed 30 10/15
Age 28 Health 19 6/11
Birth Caste High Samurai Wit 19.9 6/11
Rank Ryoshu Daimyo (224,000 Koku) Will 18 6/11
Social Status 85
Personal Status 120
Group Status 100
Ki 16
Healing Rate 3
Hit Points ?
Damage Mod +3
Primary Action Phases 12 / 8 / 4 Brawling 8
Secondary Action Phases None Climbing 12
Zanshin 3 Leaping 15
Maximum Number of Actions 3 Magic N/A
Base Movement 10 Swimming 8
Learning Rate 3 Gimmickry N/A

Armour - Master crafted heavy samurai (enchanted)

Skill BCS Score Skill BCS Score
Kenjutsu 99% 19/24 Sumi-e Painting 99% 19
Kyujutsu 99% 19/24 Za-zen 70% 14
Ni-To-Kenjutsu 99% 19/24 Haiku Poetry 31% 6
Yadomejutsu 99% 19/24 Kagaku Court Dance 55.5% 11/16
Iaijutsu 99% 19/24 Butsu-do Buddhism 99% 19
Bajutsu 99% 19/24 Taosu-do 102% 19
Senjo-Jutsu 139% 19/24 Jugaku Chinese Classics 50% 10
Chikujo-Jutsu 50.5% 10/15 Katakana 53% 10/15
      Hiragana 51% 10/15
      Kanji 60% 12
      Igaku 42.9% 8
      Cha-no-yu Tea Ceremony 60.75% 12/18
      Wu Chinese 55.5% 11
      Gan Chinese 6% 1
      Logic 50% 10
      Heavenly Script 56% 11
      Origami 6 1


  1. Gift of wisdom.
    Increased +6 to WIT and WILL. Resulting from the enforced imprisonment within Tenwa's magical library for a couple of seasons.
  2. Gift of divinity.
    New Ki power of 'Awe Foes'. A successful Ki roll will reduce the skill rolls of all enemies gazing upon the user by his level.
  3. Gift of the Tao.
    Blossoming of mystical powers. The samurai manifests and can train in limited diagenja spells. Each spell can be used once per day with a successful Ki roll.
  4. Gift of leadership.
    All samurai allies gain +2 levels if within a 50 yard radius. All budoka and yamabushi allies gain +1 level.


*** Personal artifacts ***

*** Group artifacts - effectively belong to the Tenwa clan ***

*** Mundane artifacts ***


Map of Lord Krappi's Lands
  • 100 RI of clear lands around Port Aomori.
  • 380 RI of clear
    270 RI of rough
    5 RI of mountainous
    1 RI of volcanos around Port Akita.
  • 140 RI of rough lands on the border between the Wai-Campie and the Militzu lands.

Combined income from these lands give 23kg + 32kg + 169kg = 224,000 koku. Extra for cities and roads not included.

Commands about 140 troop points maintained by the lands, plus an extra two armies who were previously supported by the old lord Militzu. These are veteran, heavy armoured armies of samurai and ashigaru. Each contains 20,000 men.

Lord Tenwa is currently building an innovative level 5 castle designed from a Portuguese barbarian military text book. The designs should improve the defensive qualities of the fortress.