Lee Ho Phuck Lee Ho Phuck
Howard Tytherleigh


Class Gakusho   Score Saving
Level 6th Strength 7 2/8
Budo ? Deftness 6.2 2/8
On ? Speed 10 3/9
Age ? Health 9 3/9
Birth Caste Heiman Wit 40 13/19
Rank ? Will 30.65 10/16
Social Status ?
Personal Status ?
Group Status ?
Ki 16
Healing Rate 1
Current Armour Class 1
Hit Points ?
Damage Mod -1
Primary Action Phases 3 Brawling 5
Secondary Action Phases None Climbing 3
Zanshin 2 Leaping 4
Maximum Number of Actions 1 Magic 26
Base Movement 3 Swimming 2
Learning Rate 3 Gimmickry N/A

Skill BCS Score Skill BCS Score
* Atemi-waza 99% 19/24 Lockpicking 30% 6
Okuden - Smashing Blow 0.5% 0 Hunting 35% 7
Okuden - Ignore Armour 86% 17 Shinobi-jutsu 80% 16
* Jujutsu 99% 19/24 Fishing 0.5% 0
* Nunchaku-te 45% 9/14 Hiragana 27.5% 5
* Karumijutsu 99% 19/24 * Katakana 61% 12/17
* Yadomejutsu 99% 19/24 Wu Chinese 46% 9
Bajutsu 60% 12 Gan Chinese 12% 2
      Kanji 15.5% 3
      Theology 199% 20
      Chinese Entrance Exam 26% 5
      Court Dance Kagaku 12% 2
      Etiquette 12% 2
      Sumi-e Painting 30.75% 6
      Heavenly Flora 65% 13

Lee Ho is a rotund, slow, balding monk, who has always sought a more 'active' role than the more traditional cloistered Buddhist acolyte. He has adventured, on and off, for the past twenty odd years. He started with the early, but not earliest, explorations of the Wai-Campie.

To get a quick handle on his character, you need only to try and place him somewhere between the easy going monk, Friar Tuck and the more sombre cleric in the exorcist. Lee Ho has both thrown huge parties, and spent years in blood feuds with malevolent spirits.

Lee Ho has always been in the awkward position, for a monk, of having too much money. His prolonged association with a successful and powerful party of adventurers, all of whom seem to pay their religious dues with something approaching zeal, has left him with bucket loads of cash. At first he simply gave it away to the needy, or occasional when adventuring, on parties(!) and equipment for his fellow adventurers (he brought a 3 farms in Xi'an just to stable the Samurai's horses for a month or two). When he established his temple, Baamebu Daa, in Krappi San's lands, he used it as a way of off-loading the adventuring reserves. After only a few years it became pretty obvious that this wasn't doing very well, a whole village of 'hangers-on' had become established outside of the temple waiting for handouts - but that's another story.

His skills have been those traditionally associated with the 'party healer'. He has studied to a varying extent, all of the various schools and healing ways. With his ever growing knowledge of his Buddha Fudo-Myoo, guardian of the boundaries of life and death, he has become increasingly keen on keeping the dead where they belong, and to the parties dismay, on not always bringing back those well on their way to death. His prolonged adventures in Nippon, Korea, China and especially a week in heaven studying under Fudo-Myoo, have left him with a non-orthodox (for Nippon) brand of Buddhism. This has not endeared him to the various other religious sects in Nippon, who see the rise in popularity in the following of Fudo-Myoo as a heresy. Their various assaults on the temple both verbally and physically are another story.

Lee Ho kept a diary for the entire set of adventures into China, this forms the very erratic and patchy basis for the various chronicles detailed on this site. As a player, I would like to apologise for the awful state of the notes and offer in mitigation.
1/ I was drunk most of the time when I got round to writing the notes at the end of a session .
2/ During the more interesting sessions I was too busy to write notes.

'The butterflies' diary consists only of flowers