Monster Profile's


The Bakemono-sho is a humanoid goblin. Its skin is warty though of human hue. Bakemono-sho are often unkempt and usually far from polite. They are slow-witted and around 4ft to 5ft in height.


0-Bakemono are big (6 to 8 feet) Dumb ogres. They are uncouth and unkempt. Most are smooth skinned, but some are scaled. O-Bakemono are known eaters of human flesh lovers of sake.


Oni come in all shapes and sizes but most are large and have wild hair with horns and coloured skin. All Oni are very good with spells and normally can be bargained with if you are in a position of great strength. Oni are Supernatural beings, their spirits are known to come after the killers of their bodies, if not correctly killed.


Disgusting shape changers that can change from a Rat into a Human form. Like their normal animal cousins rat-men pass diseases and will eat anything.


Shikomo are humanoid and stand (4 to 5 feet tall). Their skins are dusky and are often covered in warts. Shikomo are unkempt but they take great care of their weapons. Shikomo once ruled the nights on the mountains of Nippon, before they were supplanted by the Oni.


A Fire Breathing Dragon type creature.