1. Introduction

1.1. What

I am running the fourth weekend adventure in the 'Tenwa Campaign' world. This will continue from where we left it on the 9th of January.

1.2. Who

To recap the party are made up of the following characters:

1.2.1. The Buke

Ki Hoe Lee - Bushi - Tim Evans
A Samurai with the finesse wit of a charging rhino. He is alarmingly concerned about his money, but it is questionable if he can count it.
Mizutani - Bushi - Stuart Baker
A smarter than average samurai with the concentration powers of the average Humming Bird.
Odinyanse Shurvay - Scholar - Pete Nash
An old friend of the party that came to do the mapping for the party. His mind is sharper and quicker than a Master Quality Dai-sho (unusual for a Samurai).

1.2.2. The Priesthood

Dan Pie Zado - Shin'to Gakusho - Blackie
Zado is having great problem rationalizing the life/death existence as an adventurer to her belief as a Shin'to Priestess.
Takashi - Yamabushi - Berry Baker
Will Takashi overcome her wonderful potential and become the next great hero of Nippon.

1.2.3. The Heimin

Doan Pu Shmi - Budoka - Big John
Doan is still not quite sure if this adventuring stuff is quite him, but he will grow out of it.

1.2.4. The Scum

Hi Kwon Luk - Yakuza - Howard Tytherleigh
Hi Kwon has given up his Buke birth for the life a Merchant.
Hi-dro Yectric - Shugenja - Pete Nash
Yectric does not seem to have a job or profession but his intelligence and worldly knowledge appear useful. Was not around for the party's last two adventures.

1.2.5. The NPCs

Young master of flute that plays at the Aka-Ha Kashira (The Red Leaves to wonder) Inn in Kurokawa.
Teshu Saze
The parties first patron, she hired them to transport her husband's body to the family plot on the other side of the Wai-Campie
Osimeta Karma
The wife of Krappi Karma and the parties current patron.
Dimiwa Buhuda
Krappi Karma's first in command. Also has been placed in charge of the covert operations into the Wai-Campie, the party now report directly to Dimiwa Buhuda, as their clan superior.
Miluzo Matasey
Was one of the Miluzo clans greatest generals, he was killed three years ago in the attack which destroyed the Yamifili clan. He was killed by an unknown Ninja Group under the assumed orders of the Yamifill clan.
The Doctor
A simple Than called Danoi that has become attached to the party.
The Boy Friend
Tako Yapaslo a dashing young samurai in the service of the Miluzo clan that has taken a shine to Dari

1.2.6. The Monsters

The Bakemono-sho is a humanoid goblin. Its skin is warty though of human hue. Bakemono-sho are often unkempt and usually far from polite. They are slow-witted and around 4ft to 5ft in height.
0-Bakemono are big (6 to 8 feet) Dumb ogres. They are uncouth and unkempt. Most are smooth skinned, but some are scaled. O-Bakemono are known eaters of human flesh lovers of sake.
Disgusting shape changers that can change from a Rat into a Human form. Like their normal animal cousins rat-men pass diseases and will eat anything.
Shikomo are humanoid and stand (4 to 5 feet tall). Their skins are dusky and are often covered in warts. Shikomo are unkempt but they take great care of their weapons. Shikomo once ruled the nights on the mountains of Nippon, before they were supplanted by the Oni.
Oni come in all shapes and sizes but most are large and have wild hair with horns and coloured skin. All Oni are very good with spells and normally can be bargained with if you are in a position of great strength. Oni are Supernatural beings, their spirits are known to come after the killers of their bodies, if not correctly killed.

2. The Adventure

2.1. Notes

The following is what I think happen and was important. If you think something important was missed, please rewrite the sections. If everyone agrees it will be so added to the official record.

2.2. Background

2.2.1. The Campaign Starting Position

The characters have all met in the small city of Kurokawa which is in the mountainous part of the island of Honshu this is currently under the control of the Miluzo Clan. (Howard, Pete and Tim's characters are locals of city and surrounding area, but none of them belong to the Miluzo Clan. Berry, Big John, Blackie, and Stewart are recent arrivals from the Great City of Sen-dai. The characters are now good friends and have decided. to make their fortune together in the Hills of the Wai-Campie.

2.2.2. Wal-Campie and all That

The Wai-Campie is a very famous place. This was the home of the Clan Tenwa, which was destroyed many centuries ago in its bid for ultimate control of Nippon. The Tenwa Clan was known have great power - both Magical and Physical at its disposal. The manner and reason for its downfall are locked in a complex and ever changing myth cycle.

2.2.3. (Tenwa) Krappi Karma

This is a new Samurai Lord that went into the Wai-Campie and since this time has with his followers grown in status - he is known to have the ear of the Miluzo Daimyo and rumor has it also the Emperor's Brother's friendship. The present whereabouts of Krappi has been unknown for some time but it is said that he has travelled to China on a Holy Quest for a local Kami called Uhura (has the physical form of a large black bird). There is a very large shrine in Kurokawa built by Krappi called 'Nicam-stereo' or 'The Freedom of the Soul' dedicated to her. At Krappi's house to the south of Kurokawa there is new Buddhist Temple called 'Baamebu Daa' for a Buddhist sect that revere Fudo-Myoo - a place truly to be seen to be believed.

2.2.4. Altuzu

The Demon-Lord of the Wai-Campie and Krappi's Arch-Enemy (well so Krappi claims). Some time after the fall of Tenwa, Altuzu took control of the Wal-Campie and it has been a haven for all the monsters of Nippon. In some of the myth cycles Altuzu helped in the 'liberation' of Nippon from the 'Evil' Tenwa.


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