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Summary: Answers to frequently asked questions about tennis, including
         information about professional tournaments, rankings and records.
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                FAQ for rec.sport.tennis -- File 5 of 6

                      Table of Contents - File 5

   File    Item    Title                                                 
     5      5.1    Tennis Information - World Wide Web . . . . . .
            5.2    Other Online Tennis Information . . . . . . . . 
            5.3    ATP and WTA Media Guides  . . . . . . . . . . .   
            5.4    Addresses of TV and Tennis Organizations  . . .    
            5.5    Tennis Book Bibliography

 5.1             Online Tennis Information - World Wide Web


The following World Wide Web sites are good starting points for exploring
online tennis information.

1. The World Wide Web Tennis Server (provided by the Tenagra Corporation)

   The WWW Tennis Server is the primary tennis server on the Internet.
   The server provides access to an online tennis store as well as a
   substantial amount of tennis-related information, including: The WTA
   Tour Newsletter; archives and files on tournaments covered on the
   Tennis Server; Monthly tennis columns including player tips from
   Windemere Racquet & Swim Club Head Pro John Mills; Graphics of players;
   sponsorship by a "Web order" tennis store; Hyperlinked versions of the
   Rules and Code of Tennis; The Tennis FAQ; Happenings at the Windemere
   Racquet & Swim Club in Clear Lake Texas; and links to other tennis
   info on the Web and Internet.


2. ATP Tour

   The official ATP Tour web site provides up-to-date information about
   the men's professional tour, including the latest tournament results
   and tour news, rankings, player biographies, tournament and broadcast
   schedules, and official merchandise.



    The Official Corel WTA TOUR web site provides the latest
    information on the professional women's tennis tour.  The site
    contains up-to-date statistics, biographies, news items, cool
    photos and graphics, as well as ticket and travel information.

4. International Tennis Hall of Fame 

   The www.tennisfame.org web site provides a brief overview of the
   history of the game and players that awaits visitors to the
   International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum in Newport, R.I.  At
   this site, you will find a description of the newly-renovated
   Museum galleries and see the names of the 168 Hall of Fame
   Enshrinees (as of 1997).  A complete Calendar of Events highlights
   "Newport Tennis Week" and a full slate of activities at the Hall
   of Fame and the historic grass courts of the Newport Casino.
   You can learn how to become a member of the Hall of Fame and
   even browse through some of the merchandise available from the
   Museum Gift Shop.


5. ATP Tour Rankings and Statistics

   The ATP Tour Rankings and Statistics site, maintained by Steve Gocha,
   contains extensive ATP Tour results and rankings since 1997 and
   links to other sites with results since 1993.


6. WTA Tour Results

   Michael Blue independently posts WTA Tour match results at this
   web site.


7. Tennis Worldwide Magazine
   Tennis Worldwide is the first magazine to be compiled and published
   exclusively for and by "netters" around the world.  Edited by Bill
   Hethcoat, the magazine contains a wide variety a features about
   professional and amateur tennis, newsletters from the ATP Tour, WTA
   Tour, and other sources, news and tennis tips from various contributors,
   and much more.  Updated several times per month.
8. The Championships (Wimbledon)
   Web site for the most prestigious and revered event in professional

9. TennisONE

   TennisONE covers all dimensions of the game of tennis, including
   theory, strokes and mechanics, strategy, mental toughness,
   physical fitness, and fun.


10. Tennis Magazine

   Web site of the U.S.-based periodical Tennis Magazine.  Offers a
   plethora of information about professional tennis, equipment and
   instruction, travel, and related topics.  Now offers exclusive
   coverage of many of the major professional tournaments.


11. Yahoo! Tennis

   Yahoo provides a good starting point in the search of web sites
   dedicated to tennis.


12. International Tennis Federation

   The International Tennis Federation is the world governing body
   of the game of tennis.


13. United States Tennis Association

   The United States Tennis Assiciation is the amateur governing
   body which oversees the administration and nurturing of the
   U.S. Open, U.S. Davis Cup and Fed Cup, national junior and
   and professional tournaments, and American grass roots initiatives.


14. Tennis Org UK

   "The UK's premier tennis resource," including a tennis search engine.


15. Tennis Online

   Host site of the U.S. Intercollegiate Tennis Association.  Good
   starting point for U.S. College tennis information.


 5.2             Online Tennis Information - Other Sources

Here are some additional sources of online tennis information.


1. rec.sport.tennis

   The 'rec.sport.tennis' news group is the most widely used Internet
   news group for the discussion of the game of tennis.  Various
   information and discussions related to professional tennis (ATP
   tour, WTA tour, etc.), as well as occasional discussions about
   amateur tennis topics (techniques, equipment, etc.), may be found
   in this news group.

2. clari.sport.tennis

   The 'clari.sport.tennis' news group provides professional tennis
   news and scores from the Associated Press (AP) newswires.  Check
   with your Internet provider to determine if you have access to
   the 'clari.sport.tennis' newsgroup.

3. alt.tennis

   The 'alt.tennis' newsgroup is a scarcely used newsgroup which was
   the precursor to rec.sport.tennis.


1. Tennis Server INTERACTIVE

   Includes notification of updates to the World Wide Web Tennis
   Server, monthly tennis tips, news about new tennis information on
   the Net, as well as other tennis information of general interest.
   Periodically, tennis related polls and surveys may also be e-mailed
   to people on the list.  Parts of the newsletter contain commercial
   information from Tennis Server sponsors. Mailings occur approximately
   once a month and there are currently over 10,000 subscribers. To
   receive this free newsletter, use the online form at


    or send email to racquet-notices-request@tennisserver.com


 5.3                     ATP and WTA Media Guides 

The ATP Tour and COREL WTA TOUR publish media guides at the beginning of
every year.  These guides contain tournament information, player biographies,
historical records and statistics. They can be ordered directly from
the ATP Tour and COREL WTA TOUR, respectively. The price includes postage
within the US.  The following information is correct for the 1997 edition
of the guides.

(1) The ATP Tour Player Guide costs US$20 (discount available). Send a 
    check to ATP's address in this FAQ.

(2) The COREL WTA TOUR Media Guide is also US$20 (discount available). 
    The WTA accepts VISA/MC.  One can order by phone, fax, or send a 
    check to the COREL WTA TOUR.


 5.4               Addresses of TV and Tennis Organizations

   ABC, 77 West 66th St., New York, N.Y. 10023 (no phone; try NY's KABC)
   CBS, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036 (213)460-3000
   NBC, 3300 West Alameda Blvd., Burbank, CA 91523 (818)840-4444
   ESPN: 935 Middle St., Bristol, CT 06010, (203)-585-2000
   HBO: 1100 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10036, (212)512-1000

   ATP: 200 ATP Tour Boulevard, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 (904)285-8000
   WTA: 133 First Street NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701  (813) 895-5000
   USTA: 70 West Red Oak Lane, White Planes, NY 10604  USA (914) 696-7000


 5.5                 Tennis Book Bibliography

The tennis book bibliography has been removed from the FAQ.  Larry Larson
maintains an extensive tennis book bibliography at the following web site:


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