Our poets and translators

Michael Alexander
Guillaume Apollinaire
Gavin Bantock
Ros Barber
Beverly Bardsley
Charles Baudelaire
Bei Dao
Asa Benveniste
Oliver Bernard
John Birtwhistle
Ana Blandiana
Johannes Bobrowski
Nina Bogin
Elisabeth Borchers
Keith Bosley
Louis Bourne
Heather Buck
Norman Cameron
Josep Carner
Nina Cassian
Paul Celan
Yanbing Chen
Ruth Christie
Brian Cole
Tony Connor
William Cookson
Jane Cooper
Tristan Corbičre
Anca Cristofovici
János Csokits
Adam Czerniawski
Peter Dale
Jibanananda Das
Dick Davis
John Digby
Tom Disch
Stefan Aug. Doinas
Carol Ann Duffy
Seán Dunne
Alistair Elliot
Odysseus Elytis
Martina Evans
Graham Fawcett
Jennie Feldman
J D Frodsham
Robin Fulton
Nikos Gatsos
J L Gili
Louise Glück
Johann von Goethe
Luis de Góngora
Peter Green
Harry Guest
Nikolai Gumilyov
Yehuda Halevi
Michael Hamburger
James Harpur
Tony Harrison
D W Hartnett
Olav H Hauge
Michael Hewlings
Nâzim Hikmet
David Hinton
Friedrich Hölderlin
R J Hollingdale
Geoffrey Holloway
Philip Holmes
Richard Holmes
Anthony Howell
Peter Huchel
Ted Hughes
Victor Hugo
A B Jackson
Peter Jay
Devadatta Joardar
Francis R Jones
Kim Jong-gil
Donald Justice
Edmund Keeley
Sarah Kirsch
Edward Kissam
Marius Kociejowski
Jules Laforgue
Ivan V Lalic
Margitt Lehbert
Peter Levi
Gabriel Levin
Li He
Li Po
Federico García Lorca
Tom Lowenstein
Charles Madge
Chen Maiping
Iona Man-Cheong
E A Markham
Alan Marshfield
E Powys Mathers
John Matthias
Christopher Maurer
Thomas McCarthy
Bonnie S McDougall
Richard McKane
Matthew Mead
W S Merwin
Alan Moore
Stanley Moss
Pablo Neruda
Gérard de Nerval
Friedrich Nietzsche
Cyprian Norwid
Dennis O'Driscoll
Justo Jorge Padrón
Octavio Paz
Anne Pennington
Marcus Perryman
János Pilinszky
Po Chü-i
Vasko Popa
F T Prince
Sally Purcell
Jacques Réda
Oktay Rifat
Rainer Maria Rilke
Arthur Rimbaud
Yannis Ritsos
Peter Robinson
Tadeusz Rózewicz
Peter Russell
Heinz Winfried Sabais
George Savidis
Francis Scarfe
Michael Schmidt
Peter Scupham
George Seferis
Vittorio Sereni
Robert B Shaw
W G Shepherd
Philip Sherrard
Ruth Silcock
Michael Smith
Sue Stewart
Greta Stoddart
Rabindranath Tagore
Charles Tomlinson
Georg Trakl
Tu Fu
Julian Turner
Paul Valéry
Paul Verlaine
François Villon
Anneliese Wagner
Donald Ward
Andrew Waterman
Eliot Weinberger
Daniel Weissbort
John Welch
Sándor Weöres
John Wheway
Peter Whigham
Walt Whitman
Joe Winter

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For You

God knows what poetry is true
Among the pressing and the new,
God knows what poetry will last
Or how the stones of joy are cast.
The common thread, the common tongue
Binds all of us in speech and song:
Then if the casting of a spell
Sounds from these pages like a bell
Within your spirit, you have found
A space of hope on common ground.

Dedicatory verses for The Spaces of Hope
224 pages


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