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15 mm Foot


15 mm Mounted


20mm Foot


20 mm Mounted


25 mm Foot


25 mm Mounted


28 mm Fantasy Foot


28 mm Fantasy Mounted


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For customer comments on our work please go to the Internet Trading Lists site - look for the search option at the bottom of the page and search for Ron Leacy.

Shipping Costs:
Overseas - A flat rate 10% will be added to the cost of painting to cover airmail first class shipping, overseas orders usually take 6-7 days to arrive from date of dispatch.

United Kingdom - UK postage charged at cost for next day special delivery, minimum cost £3.80.

Figure Purchase: We are happy to purchase figures on your behalf, this saves you on shipping costs and we can usually get figures cheaper than the USA.

Turn Around Time: We hope never to have anyone wait more than 6 weeks for their figures (excepting army sized orders which may take an additional two weeks)

Payment: Payment for all work is up front - US customers payment via US dollars money order or US postal order.