Theatre's been good to me... by which I mean, basically, that it lets me be a parasite on it and doesn't usually complain, except when I get the dates wrong in a preview or a playwright's sex wrong in a review (and after all these years, my cringeing apologies have finally been conveyed to Ms Alex Finlayson, author of Misfits, and she's been gracious enough to forgive me).

When I first put these pages up, I'd hoped to be able to run full listings of current and upcoming shows in London and around the UK, courtesy of Theatre Record. At the time, we couldn't get the bits of software to talk to each other, and now that I've taken over as editor and publisher of the magazine, I'm planning to make that information available online via its own site rather than here. I've started, though, to include my editorial "Prompt Corner" round-ups in the reviews database mentioned below.

Theatre Record, by the way, is a fine publication which collects together reviews from all national and major London publications on theatrical openings. It's not on general sale and the subscription outside the U.K. is UK£160 / US$300 / €300 per year, but if you're in the business it's well worth it. More subscription details are available from

Theatre Record,
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As I've said on my homepage, I'm one of the main theatre critics for the Financial Times.

At a time when the FT's Web site scarcely even ran current reviews (they still take a bit of tracking down), I embarked on the incredibly arrogant programme of posting up as many as I can of my own reviews for various publications.  Maybe these will serve as a useful resource, maybe they'll just take up the free Web space my ISP gives me.  One way or another, 1600+ of them are now available, so they need their own index page.

Gamekeeper turned poacher!

In 1997 and 1998 I performed in a show on the Edinburgh Fringe, which was also covered extensively in the press and excruciatingly on Channel Four television..

Click here for more information on the ultimate Fringe survival guide,
Ian Shuttleworth: Critical Mass ("Comic Genius" The Independent).

The longest play in the world!

This site used to host the entire script of Neil Oram's 22-hour-long The Warp, which has been deemed by a former Literary Manager of the Royal National Theatre to be one of the 99 most important plays ever written, and has recently been building up a cult following once again after a 20-year interval between stagings. At the request of Neil, the script is no longer available, pending discussions about real, proper publication (long overdue, and I wouldn't want to deprive him of any possible royalties), but an essay-cum-ramble about the play is still available.

Other theatre-related links:

These have rather burgeoned in the last update, so separate links to pages of venue contacts have become necessary.  They're not exhaustive, but every link I could find to a specific theatre is in there.



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