Lesson 1 The Underwater Photo Course
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Everything that I have found on the Internet that tries to address basic photographic techniques is, in my opinion, oversimplified or lacking the depth that I believe that you will require to master underwater photography.

There is plenty of excellent specialised material there, but nothing that really covers the basics at the right level. I suggest that you use the books below.


I really can't recommend these two enough. If you really want to understand the basics (and more advanced basics) of photography, these are the two to get.

Title Author Publisher ISBN
Basic Photography Michael Langford Focal Press 0-240-51257-X
Advanced Photography Michael Langford Focal Press 0-240-51088-7

If you go to the References page, you will find a useful list of topics that will help you find your way around these two books, and focus your study better.

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