Solstice Links

Here, in no specific order of importance, are links to various sites that I have found interesting in relation to Stonehenge and its ilk, with more to follow I'm sure.

If you have a site that you feel should be included here, please email me at the address below with the details.

Regards, Neil
August, 2003

Stonehenge Solstice Celebration Truth and Reconcilliation
Commision for Stonehenge
Stonehenge at English Heritage Crop Circle Connector
The Stonehenge Project Save Stonehenge!
The Council for British Archaeology
Stone Age Tunes The Megalithic Portal
360° Views of Stonehenge and Avebury Lucy Pringle's Crop Circle
Photograph Library
AboutStonehenge.Info -
Pictures, history, legends, and more.
Henge of the World by R. Ellis -
an interesting article about Avebury henge

Text and images, except drawing of Stonehenge, are © Neil Leacy.

Stonehenge illustration by Heywood Summer F.S.A. taken from the book 'Stonehenge, Today and Yesterday' by Frank Steven, published 1924.