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Private Eye Links
Career Karma -- "opinion over ego"
Mock Spatchcock: Guilt Relief (and a tasteful dash of bondage)
(Probably not) the official George W. Bush site

Rip-Off Britain -- exposing the scams -- info on UK financial institutions (and links to anti-bank sites)
The Friday Thing
None so strange as folk -- urban human behaviour examined
The On-Line School of Disimprovement -- re-establish your credentials as an under-achiever
DeadBrain -- includes the Tony Tracker prime minister locator.
Heisenberg's Fun House -- square pegs in black holes
The BMA Library Webcam -- "like watching paint dry but better" -- the Paul McCartney one is uncanny...
ToonToons -- "fairly truthful tales from the North of England"
Borat's Guide to Britain
Leslie Crowther -- "wonderfully cheesy", says the London Evening Standard
Get Ethical -- what you buy matters
The Schmews -- "Europe's finest news source"
The Despondent -- news, comment and satire for a despondent generation
The Smoking Gun -- secret, surprising and salacious documents
The Register -- biting the hand that feeds IT
Have your say at MetaFilter
It's not news... it's
National Lampoon Dotcom -- stories and poems (submit your own)  -- forums and info for writers
Worldwide News -- a random tabloid generator
The PAP Newswire
A relentless digest of UK disgrace
PeopleCards -- 100% celebrity-free trading cards
The new ugly face of football
Six Reels: dedicated to films so obscure it's untrue...
Let's Get It Off! Official UK campaign for work-free Friday afternoons.
What Should I Put On The Fence?
Pete's Lost Links -- items that didn't make the news -- register your support for poor hard-done-by Godfrey Bowman here...
The Commentary Box -- sport, politics, dead celebrities
Hillman Avenger: animated, anonymous insults
Something Awful
All-New Web Rage -- weekly political satire and comment
The University of Bums On Seats
South Pacific Institute of Nolledge
The Framley Examiner
Bute News
The Whitley Bay Citizen
The Portadown News -- "Not as funny as it used to be"
Whirligig -- 1950s British television nostalgia
Take a purity test at
Jellied Eel
Spin On This
A Distortion Of The Truth -- rebuild your favourite politician (Flash 4 needed).
The Tonygochi -- A Blair for your desktop. Plus the Clinton Apologiser...
The Covert Comic -- "the funniest web site produced by any covert intelligence officer anywhere"
Funny Stuff Central -- jokes, stories, links etc.
Have your say at  -- forums discussing issues in the news  -- calculate the probability of your flight crashing  -- "British son of The Onion", says the Grauniad
The Sheep Cull game. Needs Flash
The late, great John Glashan
Exploding Dog
-- pictures drawn to order
The Bad News:  weekly compilation concentrating on misuse of power by government/big business. -- mainly for expats, but useful for all -- worldwide hotel/flight bookings etc.
United Devices
-- use your computer to analyse data (including the search for new cancer drugs) -- Christian Aid's subscription-free ISP that raises funds for world's poorest communities
The Hunger Site:
click on a button to make a free donation of food.
Give water: 250,000 clicks on this page gets £100,000 from Thames Water -- updated twice weekly
Derek & Clive -- the complete works
Cook'd and Bomb'd
: Peter Cook/Chris Morris site

The Establishment -- the Peter Cook Appreciation Society
TV Go Home the comedy portal
The Boothby Graffoe site
Garbled Communications UK
-- comprehensive entertainment site
The Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics
orangeAfro -- not a magazine about citrus fruits (or hairstyles)
Jinx -- 'cutting-edge wit, faintly disturbing streaming video and rather too many jokes about masturbation'
Michael Kelly's Page Of Misery
The Anxiety Culture Site
Dean And Nigel -- how to blend in
noisegate -- streaming video, free mp3 downloads
If it's in the press... it's got to be true
Hollywood Investigator
Satire Wire -- new satire for the new economy
Moonrock Radio
. A financial satire site
The Toque -- published every Tuesday
Netribution -- the home of UK filmmaking
-- UK shopping mall with hundreds of retailers
: keeping an eye on Ken...
The Happening Happy Hippy Party
. Yes, they're back...
Top 50 web sites: very useful directory of interesting sites.
: the Global Centre for Free Expression
Landover Baptist Church: The Largest, Most Powerful Assembly Of People To Ever Exist.
BGM Online: the monthly satirical magazine with attitude...
How Stuff Works:
er... that's it.
An alternative explanation
of how stuff works
Losers on the Internet -- sad, sad sites.
Ha! Humorous Arts review...
Missy Lanyus

The Centre for the Easily Amused
The Neo-Comintern:
strange stuff from warped minds
ComedyBooks -- Hancock, Goons, Python etc.
The Oldie
The London Cartoon Gallery
Mark Wood's Cartoon World
Cartoons by Landers
Cartoon Stock: cartoons for first-time publication, reprints, online rights and merchandise
Ian Baker cartoons
Tony Husband cartoons
John Cooper cartoons and illustrations
Cartoons by Tony Reeve
Bill Tidy's Page: commission your own Tidy cartoon.
Cartoons by Banx
Cartoons by Gaspirtz
Cartoons by Patrick Brown
SETI at home
: use your computer to help analyse radio telescope data
The Daily Anorak
radiohaha -- the online encyclopaedia of contemporary British radio comedy
TV Cream: "a repository of all aspects of now-dead media"
Off The Telly -- reviews, views and news of UK TV
HumorLinks -- hundreds of links to comedy on the Web.
Eddie Izzard's Sort of Groovy Homepage
The Dilbert Zone
The Drudge Report
The Media UK Internet Directory
The Big List of Movie Mistakes
The Nitpickers' site
: more movie cock-ups.
Need To Know -- the "weekly high-tech sarcastic update for the UK".
The Onion
The Princess Diana WebRing: The Diana industry shows no signs of flagging...
The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office Giftshop
The (Electric) Peel Bell
Ept magazine
Multimap -- a complete interactive atlas of Great Britain.
ReadWell -- worldwide media/telephone/fax directories
Anagram Genius
Electronic Yellow Pages
The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest: compose the opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels.
National Enquirer
National Geographic
British Home Tutors -- home tuition over the internet
Fortean Times Online
The Skeptic
Peter Cook's lost masterpiece, Consequences (with Godley & Creme).
Robin Ramsay's Lobster
Jo's Completely Factual and Not At All Juvenile Guide for Americans Visiting Britain
The Foul-Mouthed Traveller's Information Desk
FACTNet International
Colonel Rohde's Gazette & Swinehurst Telegram-Companion. Published monthly (weather permitting).
The DUBBINternet: all aspects of the worship of dubbin
Death by Jargon (Flash required)
The Horn Of Plenty
Full Pelt
MMR suspension
Single Vaccine Clinic

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